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Historic Charm

Looking to put the grand back in the historic Wingham train station is Doug Kuyvenhoven (left) and Josephine Godfrey (right). The duo have taken on the project of converting the train station into a fine dining restaurant and are planning to open May 1, 2017.


Pictured is Francis Chua, Bruce Power’s Department Manager, Environment Management, left, and Emily Johnston, of Bruce Power’s Environment and Sustainability Department, right, joined Art Versteeg, Chair of the Maitland Valley Conservation Area (MVCA), and Deb Shewfelt, Vice Chair of the MVCA, in opening an electric vehicle charging station at the MVCA’s Wroxeter location.

2015 MATCH

Pictured is the match from 2015 in Wingham, however, the Saugeen Maitland Lightning girls hockey club will once again host an international exhibition contest this pre-season. They will host Team China at the Mount Forest and District Sports Complex on Sept. 28.


Pictured here passing the crown to Alicia Douglas (left) is 2015/16 Howick Turnberry Ambassador Brandon Penkauskas (right) at the Sept. 17 competition.


Pictured here is Nicole Jutzi, Wingham District Hospital Foundation co-ordinator, accepting $6,712 from six-year-old Deveena Devries and her proud brother Darcy.


Fire departments from Wingham, Blyth and Howick responded to a house fire on Black Line northeast of Bluevale at 5:50 a.m. on Sept. 20. Black Line was closed until noon that day by Huron County OPP. The fire remains under investigation by the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office.

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