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New TV series wants homeowners who make unconventional house repairs

CHUCK KUEPFER, Staff Reporter

An Ontario-wide search is underway to find homeowners with an unconventional approach to home repairs to be featured in a television show being produced by Ottawa-based Mountain Road Productions.

“We’re testing for a new series to developed for HGTV Canada that looks into homeowners who are more like Red Green than Mike Holmes,” said company spokesperson Margaret Robitaille. “So we’re looking for homeowners that have an unconventional, more eccentric approach to home repairs… McGyver types who sort of have a unique point of view on do-it-yourself. The more important tools in their boxes would be more like a roll of duct tape than a hammer.”

The production company is focusing its homeowner search on small towns and rural communities, where they hope to uncover creative, wacky and possibly dangerous home renovation ingenuity.

The show, which has yet to be green lighted — the industry term that indicates a formal financial commitment has been approved — is in the initial stages of development.

“We’re looking for homeowners to be on the show at the moment,” said Robitaille. “We’re casting all over Ontario, including Elmira.”

She indicated that Mountain Road Productions has received a lot of responses from those who want to be involved in the yet-to-be-named show, wooed by the promise of a contractor being brought in by the producers to fix the home renovation wrongs.

“Some examples of the things we are looking for are car jacks to hold up basement stairs, crutches to hold up porch roofs, roof shingles in place of tiles in their front entrance, linoleum as a backsplash in the kitchen..things like that,” said Robitaille. “And then as part of series our host will come in and give them a few pointers to set them straight then renovate the space where the offending work has been done. So we’ll fix it for you. There are a lot of DIY’rs out there, so we’re hoping the fact that somebody will come and fix it for them is appealing to people.”

Mountain Road Productions has developed a number of critically-acclaimed and award-winning shows, such as Broken House Chronicles, Lofty Ideas, and Design U, that have aired on television networks both in Canada and around the world.

Robitaille said both those who watch and and participate in the shows in the burgeoning home renovation genre enjoy them.

“A lot of people love doing it and you can learn a lot from these shows too, both faux pas and how to do things right. I think we have a nice comical twist to it, but still DIY that’s educational and useful for people to know.”

More details about how to participate in the new show are available at www.mountainroad.ca.

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