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Shelf Life- May 21
Lizzie Vogel, middle child of three, narrates this clear-eyed, comic tale of family dysfunction. It’s 1970, and Lizzie’s mother has just overheard a phone conversation that results in the break-up of her marriage. She takes her three children and dog, and moves from their comfortable suburban English home to a small and self-contained village. As a divorcée, she and her children are outsiders from the start.
The Book Shelf- May 21
The wonderfully iconic paintings of Ted Harrison, with their bright, vibrant colours, have become synonymous with Canada’s Far North.

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Thursday, November, 06, 2014 - 7:07:52 AM
Understanding of OPP's new 'transparent' billing is still pending "To add insult to injury wait until you start receiving overtime bills from the OPP. Wait until there is yet another force-wide hike in their salaries and benefits. I encourage you to Google the 'Ontario Provincial Police Block' and examine the conten"
Comment by OPP BLOCK ORG
Thursday, October, 23, 2014 - 5:05:46 AM
New OPP billing model brings savings to county "Wait until you start receiving overtime bills from the OPP. Wait until there is yet another force-wide hike in their salaries and benefits. Then you will see how much Wellington County will actually save with the OPP's new billing model. Moreover, th"
Comment by OPP BLOCK ORG
Wednesday, October, 15, 2014 - 2:02:27 AM
Making sure the weather doesn't walk all over you "I wear woman's clothes, so this article is very helpful to me"
Comment by J Brushwood
Slater photo
Another top-level performer at Fullarton church
Pastor uses music industry connections to bring in award-winner Ken Whiteley
Slater photo
Duo's 500-km ride helps boost awareness of program
May is Jumpstart Month in St. Marys, with charity BBQs planned for May 16 and 30
Nominate a Town of St. Marys Citizen of the Year
This year's deadline is Friday, May 29
Shelf Life- May 14
We’ve all had bad days. Days that start poorly (stubbing one’s toe on the foot of the bed), continue badly (coffee cream gone off), get worse (flat tire in the rain), rise to a pitch of calamity (power outage before saving tomorrow’s big presentation) and finish with one in a foetal position under a desk sucking one’s thumb and whimpering for mama. Been there, done that, every single one of us.
The Book Shelf- May 14
“The bow swung round and the ship leaned over at a crazy angle. I hung on to my gun to keep from getting thrown overboard. From my position I could see two trails of bubbles racing toward us from out of the dark, frigid water. Beyond that, there was just the blackness of a North Atlantic night.”
Chet Greason photo
SpringWorks off to a rousing start
The 2015 SpringWorks Indie Theatre and Arts Festival kicked off with a rousing performance by Trent Severn at the Stratford City Hall Auditorium on Thursday, May 7.
Jayne Fuller photo
Motus studio hanging up its dance slippers after one last recital weekend
Rory Scofield has been teaching in St. Marys for 22 years
Gail Martin Photo
St. Jacobs Quilt Shows to celebrate 20th anniversary
St. Jacobs is gearing up for its annual quilt show, set for May 26 to 30.
File Photo
Drayton Theatre set to open for 25th season
Twenty-five years ago, the Drayton Festival Theatre opened up for its inaugural season.
Chet Greason photo
New beginnings for Stratford Symphony Orchestra
William Rowson, of Saskatchewan, unanimously voted principal conductor by SSO's search committee
Shelf Life- May 7
The Book Shelf- May 7
File photo
St. Marys Farmers' Market opens for season May 16
Quai du Vin winery, C'est Bon Cheese among the returning vendors
(photo/Scott Nixon)
Remembering "Boom's Recreation Camp"
EXETER – Many area residents who grew up attending Boom’s Recreational Camp, which hosted over 3,000 children from the 1960s to the early 1990s, are taking a walk down memory lane.
(photo/Pauline Kerr)
Human trafficking: not just a city problem
WINGHAM — It isn’t easy to listen to Simone Bell, despite her pleasant voice with its soft Scottish accent, and despite the fact she’s a very good speaker — riveting, in fact.
Slater photo
New store's 'warm, cozy' contribution to Stephen Lewis Foundation fundraiser
Hyggeligt fabrics recently relocated from London to St. Marys
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