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EQAO announces that next OSSLT will be on paper

The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) has announced that the next iteration of the...



Gateway Casinos take over Northern and Southwestern Ontario casinos

ONTARIO – Gateway Casinos will take over operation of Point Edward, London, Clinton, Dresden,...



NWMO open doors to the public

TEESWATER – The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has set out to find the best location...



New tests show blue-green algae still present in Lake Rosalind

Public Health has issued a release advising residents to steer clear of water from Lake Rosalind and...



Walkerton to light up Times Square with ad campaign

Walkerton, ON — Today the Walkerton Business Improvement Area (BIA) announced a new advertising...



Walkerton to assess Wingham’s first impression

WINGHAM – The Wingham BIA has arranged to participate in a First Impressions Program, provided by...



Lake Rosalind residents ignore advisory after private tests taken

Last week, residents took things into their own hands and ordered six private water tests, including...



Public meeting planned to discuss possible closure of Cargill Library

A public meeting has been planned at the Cargill Library on September 27 to discuss declining...


LOOKING AHEAD – The 2016 International Plowing Match in Wellington County officially closed on Saturday, Sept. 24, and included the passing of the flag from Wellington Warden George Bridge and 2016 IPM chair Ron Faulkner (right) to Huron Warden Paul Gowing and 2017 chair Jacquie Bishop.

Showing Off

Pictured in the air is pilot Jeff Lewis preforming a knife turn while another pilot waits to take off at the Hanover/Saugeen Municipal Airport. Visit the airport on Aug. 20-21 to see the Regional Can Am Aerobatics Competition.

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EVENT Southwestern Ontario

Bandstand Revisited

Sat Mar 18 | 8:00 PM



Building a Homemade Composter

Composting to get away from chemical fertilizers.

Spring Cleaning Part III

Lemon juice is a great way of helping with the cleaning around the house and a bonus it smells...

Spring Cleaning Part II

One of the things I use a lot around the house for cooking and cleaning is baking soda. It is...

Heritage Chickens!

The love of Heritage Chickens.

Another post about coyotes.

I was sitting working at the computer yesterday morning

What was that?

Last night we were just settling down into bed when all of a sudden the howling started .......

Let Me In!

Why chickens might not be so stupid after all.

Spring Cleaning – Part 1

Well here we are in mid-February and I do believe we have had the odd glimpse of spring, so I guess...

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