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Pennies will no longer be distributed
X-Park looking to cash in on doomed one cent coin
Grandmother warns injuries can be expected at X-Park
Dear editor: Adults should look into the x-park very carefully.

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Thursday, April, 17, 2014 - 12:12:55 AM
College of Trades 'a giant tax grab' "I am a certified hairstylist I work at Firstchoice and I am very happy there and I love my job I have been doing it for 23 years , I only work 12 hours /week because of a car accident I can't work the long hours or too many days . I make a little ove"
Comment by ckalte
Thursday, April, 03, 2014 - 4:04:20 PM
Legal claim drafted against wind company "So with 9 studies on wind turbines and property values saying (No value drop because of turbines) lawyer Eric Gillespie does not have a case. Making this is just another costly nuisance case!! PTL for NIMBYs is Pay The Lawyer"
Comment by Spencerforhire
Friday, March, 28, 2014 - 3:03:33 PM
Marathon meeting finally ends with 2.67 per cent budget increase "The final compromise of $100,000 of surplus funds to be used, one of about half a dozen debated, was actually proposed by councillor Pope. The towns reserves, remain almost exactly the same as 2013, and will be boosted substantially by the sale of th"
Comment by Don Van Galen
Misleading statement about Trillium stance
Dear Editor: It’s not a case of wishing to “avoid being involved in controversy,” as your article stated.
X-Park comes full circle at Fire Hall
It’s now expected the so-called “X-Park” will be in place some time next summer.
X-Park location
Dear Editor: We have an opportunity right now to show our children and youth that they have a voice and that we respect and care about what is important to them.
X-Park option 2 meets rejection
Town now seeks input into tennis courts and Solis Park
X-Park should go to the PRC
Dear Editor: In my experience, as a teenager in St. Marys, on a weeknight there is already a large population of bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. at the Little Falls School park.
X-Park location decision pushed back to Nov. 6
Alternatives to be discussed
Some anti-X-Park arguments not worth making
St. Marys Journal Argus editorial: If you’re planning on using either of these two arguments in future letters or meetings, feel free...but be warned, you do so at the risk of sounding far more childish than the people you’re trying to shut out of Cadzow.
X-Park at Cadzow ‘insane’
Dear editor: In a town that is struggling to pay for the services that it already is trying to provide, it is insane to even contemplate such an idea.
Keep X-Park next to fire station
Dear Editor: The St. Marys Lions Club has concerns with the direction the proposed X-Park has been heading, due in large part to the involvement of the Town of St. Marys, both the elected Council and employees of the Town.
Submitted photo
Input sought on Cadzow X-park
Still hoping to reach $150,000 funding goal
Will Park Street be extended over tracks by 2014?
Depends on approval in budget over next two years
X-park’s focus shifts to Cadzow
A proposal to build a park for skateboarding and BMX biking next to the St. Marys Fire Hall has been scrapped in favour of a recommendation to Town Council to instead create the facility at Cadzow Park.
Greason photo
X-Park location not yet confirmed
Despite the fact the location of the planned Stonetown X-Park was approved, in principle, almost a year ago by Town Council, there has not yet been any move by the Town to grant the required land use approvals for the facility.
X-Park ramped up by Trillium grant
The effort to provide a Town of St. Marys-owned park filled with ramps and obstacles for skateboarding and similar activities got a huge boost last week with the announcement that $60,000 will be coming the town’s way courtesy of the Ontario government-financed Trillium Foundation.
X-Park supporters worked hard for grant
St. Marys Journal Argus editorial: Young people can certainly make us proud. Any grandparent knows this. But there’s no escaping the fact that young people can also sometimes make us fume.
Boardem Art and Skateboard Auction
The Boardem Art and Skateboard Auction raised a total of $3,600 for the proposed St. Marys X-Park on Friday, Feb. 10 at The Black Angus. Pictured is auctioneer Brent Shackleton (far right), event organizer and contributing artist Andy Kittmer (holding a board made by Hayden Pope), and event organizer and town councillor Carey Pope. Approximately $2,800 was raised through the auction of skateboard art, contributed by 17 different artists. And $800 was raised via a silent auction. The highest bid for a board was $280 for a deck by Andy Kittmer.
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