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Southgate moves to end blockade
Southgate Mayor Brian Milne says a motion passed by council on Wednesday gives the municipality legal options, if necessary, to remove the blockade at Dundalk’s Eco Park.
Southgate found guilty of holding secret closed meetings
Two separate investigations have found Southgate Council guilty of holding secret meetings in violation of the Municipal Act.

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Thursday, April, 17, 2014 - 12:12:55 AM
College of Trades 'a giant tax grab' "I am a certified hairstylist I work at Firstchoice and I am very happy there and I love my job I have been doing it for 23 years , I only work 12 hours /week because of a car accident I can't work the long hours or too many days . I make a little ove"
Comment by ckalte
Thursday, April, 03, 2014 - 4:04:20 PM
Legal claim drafted against wind company "So with 9 studies on wind turbines and property values saying (No value drop because of turbines) lawyer Eric Gillespie does not have a case. Making this is just another costly nuisance case!! PTL for NIMBYs is Pay The Lawyer"
Comment by Spencerforhire
Friday, March, 28, 2014 - 3:03:33 PM
Marathon meeting finally ends with 2.67 per cent budget increase "The final compromise of $100,000 of surplus funds to be used, one of about half a dozen debated, was actually proposed by councillor Pope. The towns reserves, remain almost exactly the same as 2013, and will be boosted substantially by the sale of th"
Comment by Don Van Galen
PAC answers the public’s questions about Lystek
The Southgate Organic Material Recovery Centre (OMRC) Public Advisory Committee (PAC), a voluntary plan of Lystek International to create an open flow of information to local residents about the biosolids-processing centre in Dundalk, has issued a press release in which it answers four questions from the public.
Southgate narrowly approves disability transit
Southgate has become the latest municipality to provide disability transit for its residents.
dundalk blocade IMG_0392
Show of support: Council of Canadians visits Dundalk blockade 
Maude Barlow and members of the Council of Canadians last week visited the blockade in Dundalk to show their support to the members of Six Nations and the local community that have been preventing the construction of a bio-solid waste treatment facility since early April.
Southgate shuffles environmental services job
At its regular committee of the whole meeting on Wednesday, May 23, Township of Southgate Council approved changes to positions within Environmental Services.
Location, location, location
Dear editor: As a former teacher for many years at Dundalk and Proton School, I am well aware:
Concerns for children’s health and safety
Dear Editor: As a very concerned parent and citizen of Dundalk, I would like to comment on the issues and some points of interest in regard to Southgate’s Eco-Park located in Dundalk.
Southgate council gets much appreciated support
Southgate council got a pat on the back from residents who don’t usually attend council wearing signs that read ‘I support council.’
Misinformation is swirling around
Dear Editor: It was interesting to see in your pages a written argument for an EcoPark in Dundalk: Misinformation swirling about EcoPark, letter to the editor by Mary Fowler, April 25.
Biosolids use in agriculture: global acceptance
Dear editor: Sources of chemical fertilizers are quickly being depleted and fertilizer phosphate will run out before the end of this century. Long term environmental and food sustainability demands that nutrient rich organic end products of agricultural and food production and consumption, including agricultural and food wastes and manures, have to be recycled as fertilizers.
‘We are not extremists or scaremongers’
Dear Editor: Parents, grandparents, farmers, teachers, coaches, firefighters, nurses, First Nations, concerned citizens, young and old...that is “WHO” is at the road blockade entrance to the Eco Park in Dundalk. We are an average cross section of residents, no different than you. We are not extremists or scaremongers.
Who are the bullies here anyway?
Dear editor: As a ratepayer in Southgate Township who has been watching events unfold I too am very angry and dismayed. You mention in your letter to the editor, Ms. Cheeseman, that there is a small group of people using “aggressive and bullying tactics.” I am one of those people and our “small” group is neither aggressive nor bully-like.
Mayor’s hands tied when it comes to blockade
Southgate Mayor Brian Milne says he has no authority to remove a blockade preventing people from entering the industrial park near Dundalk.
Southgate wants to cut contribution in half
Southgate wants to reduce by half the amount it pays to Wellington North for the use of the recreation facilities used by residents of the southwestern part of the township.
Concerns over editorial
Dear editor: I wish to voice concern over the decision of the Mount Forest Confederate to publish the April 11 editorial “Controversy Continues,” referring to the controversy over the Dundalk “Ecopark.”
Sincere gratitude
Dear editor: I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Councillor Kim Peeters for her attempts again at last week’s Southgate Committee of the Whole meeting to have the growing voices of concerned ratepayers be heard rather than stifled and censored.
Option of a reasonable debate not there
Dear Editor: I would like to draw readers’ attention to how the controversy in our town has been represented to other communities by Mayor Brian Milne.
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