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Celebrity | 3 hours ago
Lily James dances like a man-Image1

Lily James dances like a man

Lily James likes to "get down and dirty" and "dance like a man" when she's in a club with her female...

Celebrity | 3 hours ago
Cindy Crawford's frumpy fear-Image1

Cindy Crawford's frumpy fear

Cindy Crawford worried about looking "frumpy" in front of Prince William when she visited him at Kensington Palace...

Celebrity | 13 hours ago
David Bowie's widow breaks Twitter silence-Image1

David Bowie's widow breaks Twitter silence

David Bowie's widow, Iman Abdulmajid, has taken to Twitter for the first time since her husband tragically passed away to...

Celebrity | 13 hours ago
Michael Moore's battle with pneumonia-Image1

Michael Moore's battle with pneumonia

Michael Moore has revealed he was being treated in an Intensive Care Unit after he was struck down with pneumonia but insists...

Celebrity | 13 hours ago
Beyoncé drops surprise new single-Image1

Beyoncé drops surprise new single

Beyoncé has dropped a surprise new single, 'Formation', as well as an accompanying music video, which features her...

WhatsOn | 14 hours ago
Ellen Page voices support for Lucy DeCoutere-Image1

Ellen Page voices support for Lucy DeCoutere

Ellen Page voices support for Lucy DeCoutere after Ghomeshi trial testimony

Celebrity | 15 hours ago
'Insane mom' Chrissy Teigen-Image1

'Insane mom' Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen will be an "insane" mom, according to her close pal Erin Andrews.

Celebrity | 15 hours ago
Johnny Depp 'respects' Leonardo DiCaprio-Image1

Johnny Depp 'respects' Leonardo DiCaprio

Johnny Depp insists he has "a lot of respect" for Leonardo DiCaprio ever since the pair worked together on 1993's 'What's...


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