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Not All There: I still didn’t get the toast

By Ann Hepburn
Saturday morning I get up with a thousand things running through my mind, we are moving in two weeks, so there is a lot of things to do. I get the toast in the toaster (well I guess it is still bread if it is going in the toaster…)and grab my cell phone. A quick check of what has come in overnight…
What, 15 emails from Paypal…why, I have not used that account in ages…your pre approved payment has been set up…what pre approved payment?… Forgoing the toast (it is toast now), I head to the computer for further investigation. Paypal is an online payment center which allows you to process payments to people without giving them your credit card or banking information. I have used it for years to make online purchases. It provides a level of protection between a stranger and your hard earned money…
Well someone decided to hack into my account and set up not one but FOUR pre-approved payments, totaling $220 per DAY. This person set up to have transferred from my account each and every day $220 dollars! The audacity! Paypal put a freeze on the account due the sudden amount of high volume traffic, thankfully. I proceeded to change my password, and set new security questions, and cancel the transactions. I then decided to just check the bank…
Not only did they set this up, but the actually got the first $220!!! I immediately call the bank, they tell me how to file a dispute with Paypal and cancel my debit card, just in case the hacker has that information. So back in Paypal, file four separate disputes, and wait… A trip to the bank for a new card… and now to start that massive to do list.
I just feel so violated. It is not an accident when they hacked my account, and set up four different daily withdrawals – it was so on purpose, and so rude!! I got an email from Paypal Sunday night that the money would be returned to my account, in five business days. Well that is better, now it is just a loan, not a theft! It kind of offends me that they can poof the money out of there overnight, but it takes up to five days to put it back…but overall I am relieved that it will be coming back.
Now to follow up with Paypal and make sure the creep does not do it again. What if I hadn’t checked my email all weekend – it could have happened, and then just think… it would not have gone on too long, I have a real job and do not make $220 a day!! I guess being a hacker and a thief pays well… Be safe, change your passwords regularly, and remember to be yourself – everyone else is taken.

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