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Making the grade

I know that when I was in school, if I came home with a report card that had more D grades than B ones, my parents would not have been very happy.
Granted, I don’t think local municipal officials are necessarily happy with the grades received from a recent review of our infrastructure – Coun. Anne-Louise Gibbons called the report card “terrifying” – but there doesn’t seem to be any sense of panic either. Perhaps that’s a good thing.
Simply put, no municipality could afford to repair or update all of its core services all at once. The report shows that for average ANNUAL funding required for such things as roads, bridges and culverts, water, sanitary, and storm networks alone, Brockton would run at a $1.5 million deficit.
As Mayor David Inglis said, the Asset Management Plan will better prepare municipal officials for the future, though I can’t believe there wasn’t some sort of plan in place for each area before this. In fact I know there was. This just puts it all on paper for officials to see all at once. It’s a wake up call.
It will be important to keep the public informed and involved in the decisions that will be needed going forward. Preparing for the future is much more affordable than paying for an emergency.
The entire plan is available to view (or download) on the Brockton website (www.brockton.ca).
However, there’s a note of irony in the Asset Management Plan 2013, which was prepared by a London consulting group.
On the cover is a beautiful photo of Victoria Jubilee Hall. That’s one “asset” that Brockton (and everyone else) would have lost to the wrecking ball had it not been for a dedicated group of volunteers who took the gem off of the municipality’s hands.

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