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Election excellence
No matter what position they were offering for - mayor, warden, councillor or school trustee - there is no question that their commitments were sincere.
Support for Festival of Children’s Theatre
Next year, we look forward to creating more opportunities to support our upcoming festival.

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Thursday, November, 06, 2014 - 7:07:52 AM
Understanding of OPP's new 'transparent' billing is still pending "To add insult to injury wait until you start receiving overtime bills from the OPP. Wait until there is yet another force-wide hike in their salaries and benefits. I encourage you to Google the 'Ontario Provincial Police Block' and examine the conten"
Comment by OPP BLOCK ORG
Thursday, October, 23, 2014 - 5:05:46 AM
New OPP billing model brings savings to county "Wait until you start receiving overtime bills from the OPP. Wait until there is yet another force-wide hike in their salaries and benefits. Then you will see how much Wellington County will actually save with the OPP's new billing model. Moreover, th"
Comment by OPP BLOCK ORG
Wednesday, October, 15, 2014 - 2:02:27 AM
Making sure the weather doesn't walk all over you "I wear woman's clothes, so this article is very helpful to me"
Comment by J Brushwood
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Thanks for Creating Smiles
Keep cancer on the agenda
As residents gear up to the October 27 municipal election, the Canadian Cancer Society wants cancer prevention on the election agenda.
Make sidewalk maintenance a priority
This is an issue about which I am passionate and which I have not yet heard anyone else mention so far in this campaign.
Retirement with dignity
The General Assembly of the United Nations designated Oct. 1 as the International Day of Older Persons. It was first celebrated in 1991.
Valuable programs
For some time I have wished to congratulate the Mobility Bus drivers of Stratford. These people and this service are invaluable to my husband and me. My husband has mobility challenges.
Trucks out of downtown
During election time, people running for election often make promises to the voters. Each candidate has their own area of concern, and is passionate about making Stratford a better place to live.
Angels amongst us
Think about everyone
Market Square is part of City Hall. I felt from the beginning the space at City Hall should be open to those who need to park and go in for city business and for all those who come for meetings and other activities.
Throwing the baby out with the bath water
On September 8, when council considers the future of the Market Square yet again, these same volunteers will be arguing once more for thoughtful, visionary leadership from our council.
Doors open
The Doors Open committee works closely with Stratford Tourism Alliance to bring Stratford’s heritage to light during a one-day free event on the first Sunday in June as part of Heritage Weekend.
Thank you for support
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