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Getting our facts right
Dear editor: Premier Dalton McGuinty says Ontario's budget deficit is scary. I say slashing services people need is scary, too.
An unpleasant occurence
Dear editor: I have always worked with the public, and from what I have noticed the last six or seven years is there is no more respect, manners or common decency left within the majority of people.

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Thursday, August, 28, 2014 - 12:12:31 AM
Bad money managing "If Stratford got the 100 million for Festival Hydro, I believe that would eliminate their debt, or very close to it, if they wanted to pay if off. This alone, would stop them from having to pay to service that debt, perhaps saving as much per year as"
Comment by rfuhr
Wednesday, August, 27, 2014 - 10:10:49 PM
Bed cuts being challenged ""The bed realignment, said Williams, will only affect unoccupied beds and result in no service reductions." If there are unoccupied beds, well, lets just say, that's news to me, and I'm sure lots of others. Maybe the hospitals are asking patients to "
Comment by rfuhr
Sunday, August, 10, 2014 - 12:12:55 AM
Downtown mural taking shape "I was wondering if the Markle mural was saved, or if it was painted over? I miss it."
Comment by Rod Demerling
Prayer inappropriate
Dear editor: I'm taking this time to write to you after hearing about a recent decision to remove the practice of reciting a prayer before your official business and the upcoming meeting where you will be reviewing this decision.  
Much to enjoy in jazz concert
Dear Editor:
Cadzow can not be replaced indoors
Dear Editor:
Suggestions for Church/Station intersection
Dear Editor:
Toy show
The annual Alma Optimist Toy Show and Sale filled the Alma Community Centre Sunday with tables of miniatures, tiny tractors and construction equipment, displays of farm models, and other toys of all varieties. Here, Dawson and Hayley Milne of Fergus watch over the table of John Deere farm equipment displayed by their uncle, Brian Halls of Alma.
Planning continues for downtown bridge construction
Plans are being worked on to reroute traffic while the Tower Street bridge is being rebuilt, Centre Wellington Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj says.
Ontario Works numbers up over last year
The Ontario Works caseload across Wellington county continues to increase.
Zipline to try 'pay per ride'
Centre Wellington is going ahead with a pilot project for "pay per ride" ziplining across the Irvine Creek.
ROBINSON, Leonard Gilbert
Atom AE power into finals
On with the clean-up
The technogeeks among us would have us think the old fashioned telephone is going the way of the dodo bird, edged out by more sophisticated communications tools, items that make Maxwell Smart’s legendary shoe phone look as primitive as Fred Flintstone’s seashell on a string.
A glitterbomb of park-love for Centre Wellington:
Let me get right to it: there is a loud voice in our community that is pretty much screaming at council to focus on roads and bridges. I have to hand it to Kelly  Linton, my ward rep because he publically asked for input. I thought all was well until I heard  this week about how parks is in the process of being marginalized and that presently there is a roads/ bridges focus.
OPP warns of dangers of inappropriate texting
Dear Editor: Once it's out there, you can't get it back. That’s the message the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is putting out to teens across the province. A mistaken belief that their texted messages and images shared among peers will remain private and secure puts them in real danger of becoming victims of their own words and actions.
Proposed Slots move will have serious impacts
To every concerned citizen in Ontario and to the Liberal government:
Keep Cadzow open
Dear Editor:
Letter to the Editor
To every concerned citizen in Ontario and to the Liberal government: I am writing you this letter today to voice my concern at the latest Liberal radio ads relating to the horse racing industry. To insinuate that these are a secret deal with a few wealthy racetrack owners is untruthful and a misrepresentation of a very successful revenue sharing agreement for all parties which benefits all of Ontario.
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