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Are we losing our democracy?
Dear editor: The government uses our tax dollars to boast about the jobs created, but in Stratford and St. Marys I see factories idle and empty.
A job well done
Dear editor: I must say I’m impressed with the excellence of Stratford’s parks board team under the leadership of Quin Mallot.

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Thursday, October, 23, 2014 - 5:05:46 AM
New OPP billing model brings savings to county "Wait until you start receiving overtime bills from the OPP. Wait until there is yet another force-wide hike in their salaries and benefits. Then you will see how much Wellington County will actually save with the OPP's new billing model. Moreover, th"
Comment by OPP BLOCK ORG
Wednesday, October, 15, 2014 - 2:02:27 AM
Making sure the weather doesn't walk all over you "I wear woman's clothes, so this article is very helpful to me"
Comment by J Brushwood
Sunday, October, 12, 2014 - 1:01:12 PM
Report's author encourages public to keep up fight on VIA "Many thanks to reporter Stew Slater and the Journal Argus for the in-depth coverage of the Transport Action Ontario/Save VIA Committee event at the beautiful St. Marys station on October 9. I would, however, like to correct one small misunderstandin"
Comment by Greg Gormick
Doesn’t make sense
Dear editor: With regard to the smart meters that have been installed in residences in our community: in looking at the times for lower and higher rates, it occurred to me that people who are away from their homes working Monday to Friday have a benefit when it comes to hydro rates. The rates are prejudicial against seniors and stay at home families however.
Re: Normanby library continues to lose books (and) Normanby school principal responds to library board, The Confederate, March 14
Dear editor: I would like people to reflect on the importance that our local libraries have in our communities and why it is essential that they all remain open.
MP needs to take ownership
Re: Feds have ‘nothing to hide,’ says MP, news, March 15
The nature of our existence
Re: Secular governments don’t exist, letter to the editor, March 22
‘Hockey town' immigrant says thanks
Dear Editor:
Dalton's failures: Let me count them
Dear Editor: In nine years Dalton, our one man provincial wrecking crew, has managed to:
A Chalmers United welcome
Dear Editor,
Stand up for democracy
Recent events give Canadians who care about democracy cause for alarm. Thirty-one thousand  Canadians reported irregularities in the last election, and 700 incidents are under investigation by Elections Canada.
Welsh society up and running
Every year on March 1 people from all over the world gather to celebrate their Patron Saint David (Dewi in Welsh!). This year they were  joined by a group of Welsh ex pats now living in and around Stratford.
Secular governments don't exist
Re: Canada more than a Christian nation, letter to the editor, March 8
Cycling for cancer
After two months of bike racing, fundraising and watching our event grow, Totally Spoke'd would like to thank everyone involved in making our fifth annual "Great Indoor Bike Race For Cancer" such a success.
Life evolves
Dear editor: I wish to congratulate Tamara Harbor on another insightful article on nature in your newspaper.
Getting our facts right
Dear editor: Premier Dalton McGuinty says Ontario's budget deficit is scary. I say slashing services people need is scary, too.
An unpleasant occurence
Dear editor: I have always worked with the public, and from what I have noticed the last six or seven years is there is no more respect, manners or common decency left within the majority of people.
Prayer inappropriate
Dear editor: I'm taking this time to write to you after hearing about a recent decision to remove the practice of reciting a prayer before your official business and the upcoming meeting where you will be reviewing this decision.  
Much to enjoy in jazz concert
Dear Editor:
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