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Democracy in jeopardy
Dear Editor: On June 19 at 7 p.m., Perth South Council is set to appoint, yes that’s right, appoint, a new Councillor to fill the seat left vacant by former Councillor Barker.
Investment makes a difference
Dear editor: Even in times of economic uncertainly, Stratford’s business community and its residents continue to provide tremendous financial support and commitment to Community Living Stratford and Area’s “Swing into Spring” dinner and auction.

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Friday, June, 19, 2015 - 6:06:27 PM
Ontario fighter pilot tells students to dream big "not to take anything away from Deanna Brasseur, but as far as being one of the first women fighter pilot this is false. The Russians, during WW II had squadron of women fighter pilots called the "night witches" and were feared by the germans."
Comment by rweernink
Thursday, November, 06, 2014 - 7:07:52 AM
Understanding of OPP's new 'transparent' billing is still pending "To add insult to injury wait until you start receiving overtime bills from the OPP. Wait until there is yet another force-wide hike in their salaries and benefits. I encourage you to Google the 'Ontario Provincial Police Block' and examine the conten"
Comment by OPP BLOCK ORG
Thursday, October, 23, 2014 - 5:05:46 AM
New OPP billing model brings savings to county "Wait until you start receiving overtime bills from the OPP. Wait until there is yet another force-wide hike in their salaries and benefits. Then you will see how much Wellington County will actually save with the OPP's new billing model. Moreover, th"
Comment by OPP BLOCK ORG
A job well done
Dear editor: A sincere thank you to the residents of Stratford and surrounding communities who generously donated andl supported our annual Great Strides Walk that was held this year in Stratford.
Thanks for 27 years
Dear editor: This is a long-overdue expression of my thanks to Earl Clark, Charles Ryde and the Stratford Men’s Choir for their kind donation to the Kiwanis Festival of the Performing Arts.
Why no pickup?
Dear editor: Let’s hope the city and the company secure a market that fits the budget and throws the juice boxes in the blue boxes.
Organizers should revisit parade time
Dear editor: I was disappointed to read in a recent copy of the Journal Argus that the Canada Day parade is planned for Sunday, July 1 at 11 a.m.
No input on new Works yard expense
Dear editor: Thames Centre Council is going to spend $3.2 million without any public input. This is one of the largest expenditures of your tax dollars and you have not had any opportunity to ask questions.
An uplifting environment
Dear editor: To each and every person who gave of themselves for this project, your kindness and hard work will be remembered every day as we enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Plan to participate in 2013 plowing match
Dear editor: The Beautification Committee has designed two different contests for residents of Perth County in preparation for the 2013 International Plowing Match. The “Before and After” contest is county-wide. It includes those who are making major, permanent improvements to their property. The second contest is a decorating contest for Perth County residents who want to welcome visitors to the county with temporary displays.
‘Mount Forest has Talent’
Dear Editor: As Master of Ceremonies Al Leach said of the Variety Show at Mount Forest United Church May 25, “Canada has talent, Mount Forest has talent.” From ages five to 80+ we were entertained and even learned “How to Milk a Cow” without squeezing by Dorothy Reid.
The Skinny On Bullys?
Dear Editor: Getting beat up at home while degrading names are hurled is bad enough but the real problem is that a kid drags that hurt around in the form of insecurity and lack of self-esteem. “Not poor self esteem, I’m talking “no” self esteem!” I’m talking getting punched in the nose by the school bully - then apologizing for getting blood on his shoes - after which the kid wipes the blood from the bully’s shoes because it makes them feel safe to have some form of connection with the bully.
Bickell photo
Family, friends fulfill Kenny’s baseball dream
Dear Editor: Wheelchair softball gives those with disabilities the opportunity to participate in one of the most popular recreational sports in the country.
Making the most of Market Square
Dear editor: A magnificent sculpture in Market Square, within the boundaries of a reflective pool, lively in its design and intriguing in concept, is a “win-win” project, a beautiful place to be under the sun.
A night to remember
Dear editor: On behalf of the Alzheimer Society of Perth County, I wish to extend a huge thank you to the ladies who attended our fundraiser Purses & Pearls – an evening to remember on May 4
Budget bill undemocratic
Dear editor: We want to express our concern about this profoundly undemocratic bill and urge MPs to vote for democracy by voting against the omnibus budget bill. Please join us at Mr. Schellenberger’s office on Saturday, June 2 at 1 p.m.
Body and Soul thanks
Dear editor: Thank you to the spa providers for time and talents; to local businesses, congregation and community members for food/refreshments; the Screaming Avocado for catering; for the silent auction items and monetary sponsorship. The church was absolutely stunning thanks to our in-house decorators
What talent!
Dear editor: SpringWorks 2012 was a great success with attendance up at 21 different shows seen in 33 performances over this week-long festival. School shows and workshops were added and coffee and treats enhanced the experience.
Let the debate rage on
Dear Editor: With regard to the Lystek sewage sludge issue, personally, I’m learning a lot from the debate. I think The Confederate should be commended for its balanced reporting and for its splendid Letters to the Editor department.
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