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Zipline to try 'pay per ride'
Centre Wellington is going ahead with a pilot project for "pay per ride" ziplining across the Irvine Creek.
ROBINSON, Leonard Gilbert

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Friday, July, 11, 2014 - 1:01:09 AM
Elmira residents continue fight to save No Frills "I am just wondering why you keep refering to the fact that the No Frills will close. It is not being closed down, it is being Sold. It will still be a grocery store, It will just not be a No Frills. Its states all this info on the Competition Boards "
Comment by Robt1973
Wednesday, June, 18, 2014 - 3:03:52 PM
Exeter's Atley Rogers wins tourney with Jets "Thanks for the article! Here is a picture of the boys after the big win! Thanks to all our coaches, trainer, manager and our whole Jets family! We made it to the finals of all 4 tournaments this year, and winning 2 of them, because of all the hard wo"
Comment by nlrogers
Wednesday, June, 18, 2014 - 1:01:31 PM
Heritage designation request gets heated "Thank-you for your article in this week’s edition of The Gazette,  “Heritage designation request gets heated,” regarding the Cooper site. I appreciate your shining a light on Heritage Stratford. I would also like to make a few points of clari"
Comment by cynthiavenables
Atom AE power into finals
On with the clean-up
The technogeeks among us would have us think the old fashioned telephone is going the way of the dodo bird, edged out by more sophisticated communications tools, items that make Maxwell Smart’s legendary shoe phone look as primitive as Fred Flintstone’s seashell on a string.
A glitterbomb of park-love for Centre Wellington:
Let me get right to it: there is a loud voice in our community that is pretty much screaming at council to focus on roads and bridges. I have to hand it to Kelly  Linton, my ward rep because he publically asked for input. I thought all was well until I heard  this week about how parks is in the process of being marginalized and that presently there is a roads/ bridges focus.
OPP warns of dangers of inappropriate texting
Dear Editor: Once it's out there, you can't get it back. That’s the message the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is putting out to teens across the province. A mistaken belief that their texted messages and images shared among peers will remain private and secure puts them in real danger of becoming victims of their own words and actions.
Proposed Slots move will have serious impacts
To every concerned citizen in Ontario and to the Liberal government:
Keep Cadzow open
Dear Editor:
Letter to the Editor
To every concerned citizen in Ontario and to the Liberal government: I am writing you this letter today to voice my concern at the latest Liberal radio ads relating to the horse racing industry. To insinuate that these are a secret deal with a few wealthy racetrack owners is untruthful and a misrepresentation of a very successful revenue sharing agreement for all parties which benefits all of Ontario.
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor: Mr. Reid is dead on the money in his observations about the consumer not worrying about the plight of the farmer/producer in the food chain! We have no national food policy in this country, and yet food is so essential to our very existence.
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor: Regarding this article, I need to respond.
Lord's Prayer belongs everywhere
Re: Lord’s Prayer has no place at council, letter to the editor, Feb. 23
Canada more than a Christian nation
Re: Prayer shouldn’t be confined to church, letters to the editor, March 1
No school should close for an elective program
Attention residents of Mowat Street and Strachan Street, and Shakespeare ward families: I’m sure by now you have heard the rumblings that the Avon Maitland District School Board wants to close down our community school, Shakespeare PS, and turn it into an all French immersion school to accommodate the growing French immersion student population in Stratford.
Success overwhelming
It is both sad and reassuring how tragedies can pull a community together.   Despite our petty differences over various issues, we all seem to know when to just work together to focus on making things better for those who are hurting.
Centre must stay open
I wish convey my deep sense of concern over the recent decision to close the Salvation Army Bethesda Centre in London.
Many thanks
Once again, those who are connected with the Stratford Community Meals – various churches and a  high school – have outdone themselves in providing a variety of delicious, nutritious meals.
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