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Men's Choir in need of a conductor
Dear editor: Earl has decided to slow down and that means resigning as conductor of our choir, and unless a new conductor comes forward we have no choice but to disband. Our members would hate to see that happen as they really enjoy the singing and fellowship.
Working for farmers
Dear editor: Our government remains committed to the RMP, despite calls in the Drummond Report for it to be terminated and despite the federal government’s refusal to participate. A combination of the fed's refusal to participate, coupled with our need to eliminate the deficit will necessitate some changes.

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Thursday, November, 06, 2014 - 7:07:52 AM
Understanding of OPP's new 'transparent' billing is still pending "To add insult to injury wait until you start receiving overtime bills from the OPP. Wait until there is yet another force-wide hike in their salaries and benefits. I encourage you to Google the 'Ontario Provincial Police Block' and examine the conten"
Comment by OPP BLOCK ORG
Thursday, October, 23, 2014 - 5:05:46 AM
New OPP billing model brings savings to county "Wait until you start receiving overtime bills from the OPP. Wait until there is yet another force-wide hike in their salaries and benefits. Then you will see how much Wellington County will actually save with the OPP's new billing model. Moreover, th"
Comment by OPP BLOCK ORG
Wednesday, October, 15, 2014 - 2:02:27 AM
Making sure the weather doesn't walk all over you "I wear woman's clothes, so this article is very helpful to me"
Comment by J Brushwood
Thanks to vet
Dear editor: I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mary Walker who is a veterinarian at the Heartland Veterinary care in Drayton.
Society plant auction
Dear Editor: The guest speaker for the St Marys Horticultural Society open meeting on Wednesday, April 4th was Philip Holst talking about 'Dream Gardens'. Everyone has a Dream Garden and everyone's ideas for a Dream Garden is different, an ever growing and evolving landscape.
30 minute drive to ER a barrier to access
Dear editor: We remain concerned with respect to the possible deterioration in health care and the possibility of SMMH losing ER 24/7. Despite an overwhelming response from the community to retain ER 24/7, there appears to be no positive action to respect the wishes of the community and retain 24/7, save and except that of actions taken by our prior MPP, John Wilkinson and our existing MPP, Randy Pettapiece.
York Street for people
Dear editor: When will the first priority of the City of Stratford be people and people spaces without cars?
A taste of Perth County
Dear editor: The 2013 International Plowing Match cookbook committee would like to thank everyone who submitted recipes to our cookbook, “100 Years in the Making.”
Anti-bullying bill misses its mark
Dear editor: If Bill13 is about protecting ALL pupils, why does it establish support only for students who wish to establish and lead activities for four particular groups? Surely bullying extends beyond these four groups named.
A sweet fundraiser
Dear editor: Chocolate Barrs donated three prizes this year hoping to encourage more people to buy more tickets.
Hockey coverage appreciated
Dear editor: The Stratford Motor Products Minor Midgets were recognized regularly during this past hockey season in your newspaper and in a most professional manner and we thank you for your coverage
Volunteers heart and soul of CNIB
Dear editor:CNIB has always been an organization of people helping people, and nowhere is that more evident than in the incredible work of our volunteers.
Greenwood Court volunteers a special group
Dear editor: Our volunteers at Greenwood Court are very special people and we would like to say thank you for all you do!
Cancer society thanks volunteers
Dear editor: The Huron-Perth unit applauds all our fundraising volunteers for their work as residential team captains/canvassers, Daffodil Days volunteers, pink ribbon volunteers and Taking Steps committee members. Sincere thanks to our Relay For Life steering committees and event day volunteers who fight back against cancer 365!
Concerns over editorial
Dear editor: I wish to voice concern over the decision of the Mount Forest Confederate to publish the April 11 editorial “Controversy Continues,” referring to the controversy over the Dundalk “Ecopark.”
We need all our libraries
Dear editor: Recently there have been several news articles and letters to the editor regarding access to library services in West Grey.
Different views
Dear editor: Atheists do science, they do reason, and they speak in ethical categories even though these things are not consistent with their worldview.
Cutting our energy costs
Dear editor: It is possible that by 2013 the taxpayers in Ontario will be among those paying the highest rates for hydro in North America.
A special thank you
Dear editor: We have only sincere respect and never ending gratitude for the men and women whom attended my address Sunday, March 25.
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