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Let’s go everywhere

Getting into the game by Chris Clark

Homer Simpson, who has given me plenty of sagely and useful advice over the years, once said there’s no point in going out, because you only end up back home anyway.

I would tell Homer, if I could, that there’s no point in staying home, because the view there never changes. Nothing ever happens if you don’t show up, so lift the lid on the toilet so the pets will have something to drink, and hit the road.

The first time I heard “Let’s Go Everywhere” by the jazz trio Medeski, Martin and Wood, I was moved. So moved, that I took their advice this week. In the event you are also looking for an excuse to get away, here is what they suggest:

When you’re tired of your toys, your games, and your television. When you’re done with chores and homework, then it’s time to make a big decision. You might need a change of scenery. It might be time to go.

Over mountains, over oceans, through dark jungles down below. On an airplane, on a railroad, on a tall ship with the tide. All you need’s a little music. What do you say we buckle up and go for a little ride?

Let’s go everywhere. There’s lots of fun out there. We gotta have our share. Get out of your chair, and let’s go everywhere.

We’ll go to Bombay, Taipei, Mandalay, Bora Bora, Yeovil, Louisville, Whoville, Glocca Morra. Havana, Montana, Savannah, Varanasi. Bermuda, Barbuda, Yehuda, Tallahassee. Khartoum, Rangoon, Cancun, Saskatoon, Kowloon, Cameroon, Brigadoon. To the moon.

We’ll go to Cairo, Shiloh, Moscow, Chichen Itza. Krakatoa, Shenandoah, Mauna Loa, Tower of Pisa. Hamburg, Frankfurt, Beantown, Montecristo. Cayenne, Salt Lake, Cocoa Beach, San Francisco. Saigon, Amman, Dijon, Yokahama, Tijuana, Grand Bahama. Don’t forget to call your mama.

We’ll go to Cheyenne, San Juan, Pusan, Sri Lanka. Chambertin, Canton, Avalon, Casablanca. Warsaw, Aqaba, Shangri-La, Transylvania. Nome, Rome, Stockholm, Lyon, Mauretania. Hong Kong, Guangdong, Haiphong, Tonga. Salamanga, Rarotonga, Cucamonga. Sing-a-long-a.

We’ll go to Xanadu, Kathmandu, Timbuktu, Santiago. Tasmania, Slovenia, Rumania, Pago Pago. Sedona, Pamplona, Daytona, Patagonia. Winona, Bologna, Barcelona, Caledonia. Bangkok, Sliding Rock, Antioch, Tuba City. Sun City, Cloud City, Emerald City. Ain’t it pretty.

Let’s go everywhere. There’s lots of fun out there. We gotta have our share. Get out of your chair, and let’s go everywhere.

And that sounds pretty good to me. Safe travels, everyone.

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