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Kintore school kudos

Dear Editor:

This November I had the privilege of playing my bagpipes at three Remembrance Day services: the Lambeth Legion Parade, the City of London service at the cenotaph, and the service held by students and teachers at A.J. Baker Public School in Kintore.

The service that impressed me the most was the one held at A.J. Baker Public School. The spirited singing of O Canada, the meaningful poems about the poppy, the solemn re-enactments and readings about war, the musical rendition of “In Flanders Fields”, the lovely singing of “A Brave Canadian Soldier” and the laying of the wreaths were all performed with respectful dignity. The two student Masters of Ceremony conducted an excellent program including The Last Post, the Moment of Silence, the Lament and Reveille.

Students and teachers should be highly commended.


Joanne Robilliard, Thorndale

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