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Joint municipal submission on Hwy. 7/8

Dear Editor:

A joint municipal meeting took place Oct. 26 to discuss common issues and concerns associated with the ongoing Environmental Assessment pertaining to Provincial Highway 7/8. In attendance were representatives from the Township of Perth East, City of Stratford, Perth County, and the Township of Perth South. The meeting was considered to be quite productive.

It is recognized that there are a number of common issues and concerns shared by all municipal partners.

It is further recognized that there are issues and concerns that are specific to the individual municipal partners which each municipality will be addressing as determined by their respective Councils.

In an effort to obtain a formally endorsed consensus on these common issues, a draft joint submission outlining the common issues is being prepared and will be presented to the respective Councils for their review in early November for subsequent submission to the Ministry of Transportation.


Township of Perth East
City of Stratford
County of Perth
Township of Perth South

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