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How to be attractive and popular

Getting into the Game by Chris Clark

It’s St. Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. If it isn’t in the air you breathe, then maybe you aren’t attractive or popular enough. Maybe it’s your breath.

But, don’t be sad. An apparent lack of good looks and popularity is something many of us face, and have come to terms with. I did, years ago. Then, along came the wisdom of Dorothy Dix.

Dorothy Dix was the forerunner of today’s popular advice columnists, having first appeared in print in 1893. She became America’s highest paid and most widely read female journalist and, by her peak in 1940, was receiving 100,000 letters a year from an estimated world audience of 60 million readers.

Recently, I was given an article of hers from 1951, outlining several hints on achieving attractiveness and popularity. For all you lovelorn ladies out there, here are a few of Dorothy’s do’s and dont’s from 60 years ago on how to make boys like you.

For starters, study your good points and make the best of them. Wear clothes that enhance your good looks, instead of a hat or dress that makes you look like a comedy figure. Always look neat, and keep your hair washed.

Don’t use too much make-up. Don’t put on so much lipstick that your mouth looks as unappetizing as a raw slice of butcher’s meat. Don’t wear long fingernails, and don’t overdress.

Learn to dance well. According to Dorothy, no boy is going to invite you to a party if he knows he is going to be stuck with you all evening. No one will cut in on a girl who has to be towed around like a ton of bricks.

Read the sports pages, because that is what boys are more interested in. Be pleasant, agreeable, and easy to get along with. Show a boy that you are enjoying yourself when he takes you out. It is the least run you can give him for his money, says Ms. Dix.

Don’t hint for presents, and don’t run after boys. They like to do the chasing. Never telephone a boy during business hours. Chances are you will lose him his job if you do. Don’t show you are grateful when a boy takes you out. It is a dead giveaway that you don’t get many dates.

Don’t brag about your conquests, she warns. Don’t tell the boy in whose jalopy you are riding what a grand convertible some other boy has. Don’t be too easy. Remember that a boy will risk his neck climbing to the top of a tree to get the peach that is out of reach, but he doesn’t want the one that falls in his lap.

And there you have it; sagely advice from an expert who was born before the telephone, let alone Facebook and Photoshop. I hope it helps. For all you guys out there seeking similar advice, I haven’t any to give other than don’t look for love in peach trees, check your breath, and hope for the best.

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