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Beer, liquor store should be open on Sundays
Mount Forest Confederate editorial: The summer of 2012 has arrived.
Ballpark decision crucial to Emily Street
St. Marys Journal Argus editorial: Does the Town’s vision for Thames Crest Farms remain intact?

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Friday, July, 11, 2014 - 1:01:09 AM
Elmira residents continue fight to save No Frills "I am just wondering why you keep refering to the fact that the No Frills will close. It is not being closed down, it is being Sold. It will still be a grocery store, It will just not be a No Frills. Its states all this info on the Competition Boards "
Comment by Robt1973
Wednesday, June, 18, 2014 - 3:03:52 PM
Exeter's Atley Rogers wins tourney with Jets "Thanks for the article! Here is a picture of the boys after the big win! Thanks to all our coaches, trainer, manager and our whole Jets family! We made it to the finals of all 4 tournaments this year, and winning 2 of them, because of all the hard wo"
Comment by nlrogers
Wednesday, June, 18, 2014 - 1:01:31 PM
Heritage designation request gets heated "Thank-you for your article in this week’s edition of The Gazette,  “Heritage designation request gets heated,” regarding the Cooper site. I appreciate your shining a light on Heritage Stratford. I would also like to make a few points of clari"
Comment by cynthiavenables
Transparency needed in library decisions
Fergus-Elora News Express editorial: If Wellington County is going ahead with a decision to close the Aboyne branch of the library, the decision and its rationale should be explained to the public and library users.
End of an era
Exeter Times-Advocate Editorial: It was the end of an era Friday night, but it’s clearly one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.
Competition has its place
Wingham Advance-Times editorial: The end of the school term means a couple of months of wonderful freedom, as soon as exams are over. Exams - cracking the books until the wee small hours, chewing fingernails to the quick, and worrying about the dreaded student malady known as brain freeze – have long been a key part of the school experience.
Spare the air
Listowell Banner editorial: During the summer in southern Ontario, periods of smog cause air quality to fall well below acceptable standards. In some people, even mild exposure can cause eye, nose and throat irritations, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.
Will Doug Harper please call us?
St. Marys Journal Argus editorial: High drama in the Big Smoke last week as Mayor Rob Ford’s attempt to bring about the removal of a five cent tax on plastic shopping bags backfired into a 24-20 Council vote in favour of a complete bag ban.
‘Spare the Air’
Arthur Enterprise News editorial: During the summer in southern Ontario, periods of smog cause air quality to fall well below acceptable standards.
Council needs to dump recycling issue
Stratford Gazette editorial: It’s evident this issue has been polarizing for council, and finally erupted into a circus this week when the city’s current recycling processor was put on the hot seat, an innocent recycling worker was interrogated as if he committed a crime, and a private businessman ended up in a heated exchange with our clearly irritated mayor. There were times decorum went out the window and emotion took the reigns, which is a rarity for this council.
A tale of two murders
Exeter Times-Advocate Editorial: Two horrifying crimes, two criminals caught, and a lot of questions, starting with: What is happening to Canada?
Get informed
Fergus Elora News Express Editorial: Where was everyone? The June 7 "business town hall" on upcoming township capital projects drew only 15 people - who included three who were part of a presentation, a chamber of commerce staffer and local media.
Effects of a frost-induced fruit failure
St. Marys Journal Argus editorial: This year, like the vast majority of apple growers across Ontario, the Vandenbergs suffered a nearly complete failure of the apple crop.
Chemtura should excavate GP1 and GP2
Elmira Independent editorial: It’s been a common theme at the last several meetings of the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee.
Social safety net takes another hit
Wingham Advance-Times editorial: Our social safety net is intended to ensure everyone has the necessities of life – food, clothing, a roof over one’s head, basic medical care. It is designed to see an individual or family through bad times, perhaps an illness, job loss or run of bad luck. And we are firmly convinced it separates us from more primitive societies.
Alcohol and boating can be deadly
Listowel Banner editorial: Ahh, boating! Skimming over the water with the wind in your hair. It’s a great way to spend a summer afternoon, especially with family and friends. A carefree atmosphere like this is just made to have fun and party. However, this partying should never include drinking alcohol. Mixing alcohol and boating can have tragic consequences.
Stay involved
Exeter Times-Advocate Editorial: We often hear complaints about how members of the public are increasingly reluctant to take an interest in what is happening around them and get involved in their community.
Stories won't help
Fergus-Elora News Express editorial: We'd like to think the impassioned pleas of people in the equine and horse racing industries would move the provincial government to change its plan to kill off the Slots at Racetracks program.
G20 fallout – 20-20 hindsight
Arthur Enterprise editorial: There is nothing like 20-20 hindsight. In this case, the “20” would be preceded by a “G” as in the G20 Summit in Toronto in 2010.
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