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Celebrating Canada
Elmira Independent editorial: This past week, Canadians took the time to celebrate the 145th birthday of our nation. This celebration involved everything from face painting to fireworks, historical reenactments, and official speeches from politicians.
Competition has its place in school
Mount Forest Confederate editorial: It’s not unusual this time of year for some “experts” to suggest doing away with student exams on the grounds they get in the way of learning. That may be true. Others have decided that failing courses and repeated grades are bad for a child’s self-esteem. Again, likely true.

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Thursday, August, 28, 2014 - 12:12:31 AM
Bad money managing "If Stratford got the 100 million for Festival Hydro, I believe that would eliminate their debt, or very close to it, if they wanted to pay if off. This alone, would stop them from having to pay to service that debt, perhaps saving as much per year as"
Comment by rfuhr
Wednesday, August, 27, 2014 - 10:10:49 PM
Bed cuts being challenged ""The bed realignment, said Williams, will only affect unoccupied beds and result in no service reductions." If there are unoccupied beds, well, lets just say, that's news to me, and I'm sure lots of others. Maybe the hospitals are asking patients to "
Comment by rfuhr
Sunday, August, 10, 2014 - 12:12:55 AM
Downtown mural taking shape "I was wondering if the Markle mural was saved, or if it was painted over? I miss it."
Comment by Rod Demerling
Pranks not so harmless
Exeter Times-Advocate Editorial: For those responsible, it’s probably just a harmless prank, something good for a few laughs.
It could have happened here
Wingham Advance-Times editorial: The tragedy in Elliot Lake could have happened anywhere. The people who waited, as hours turned to days, for news of missing loved ones, could have been us. It could be our municipal, provincial and federal representatives now sitting around a table in grim-faced discussion about what went wrong, and who is to blame.
Rail service cuts hurt passengers, city
Stratford Gazette editorial: It was just under two years ago that a spokesperson with VIA Rail Canada assured the Gazette the company was committed to spending millions of dollars to improve the infrastructure of its London-Kitchener-Toronto corridor to, among other things, strengthen its capacity for additional trains.
Summer holidays shouldn’t be a holiday from learning
Listowel Banner editorial: Now that summer is officially here, parents and children are excited to start their summer vacation. But just because school’s out doesn’t mean we should take a vacation from learning and family literacy.
Canada Day weekend in Arthur is the place to be
Arthur Enterprise editorial: There is no better place to be this Canada Day weekend than right here in Arthur.
Getting it right
Elmira Independent editorial: This week, councillors lent their support to modifications to the Lunor subdivision, the largest-ever development for the town of Elmira. The subdivision, once it is finally built out — sometime in the next 15 years or so — will drastically change the face of this town.
Canada Day inspiration? Look to Quebec
St. Marys Journal Argus editorial: It can sometimes be difficult to throttle up the patriotism in time for Canada Day. Eight days before this year’s July 1 flag-waving, the collapse of a mall in Elliot Lake left nine people missing, perhaps buried under rubble.
Salute to our graduates
Wingham Advance-Times editorial: You watch her step onto the stage, a little awkward in her new high heels, hair curled and sprayed into submission by a determined stylist, fingernails elegantly polished. Her dress is a lovely swirl of satin and lace. You were afraid it might be too sophisticated for her. A lump comes to your throat as you realize it is just right.
To the editor . . .
Minto Express editorial: As a community newspaper, communication with our readers is of great importance.
Cooling centres slow in opening
Arthur Enterprise News/Mount Forest Confederate editorial: A policy regarding heat alert procedures from Linda Dickson, community emergency management coordinator, was tabled at Wellington North Council Monday evening.
Facing a shopping vacuum?
Fergus-Elora News Express editorial: Centre Wellington may be facing a department store vacuum in the near future.
Beer, liquor store should be open on Sundays
Mount Forest Confederate editorial: The summer of 2012 has arrived.
Ballpark decision crucial to Emily Street
St. Marys Journal Argus editorial: Does the Town’s vision for Thames Crest Farms remain intact?
Transparency needed in library decisions
Fergus-Elora News Express editorial: If Wellington County is going ahead with a decision to close the Aboyne branch of the library, the decision and its rationale should be explained to the public and library users.
End of an era
Exeter Times-Advocate Editorial: It was the end of an era Friday night, but it’s clearly one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.
Competition has its place
Wingham Advance-Times editorial: The end of the school term means a couple of months of wonderful freedom, as soon as exams are over. Exams - cracking the books until the wee small hours, chewing fingernails to the quick, and worrying about the dreaded student malady known as brain freeze – have long been a key part of the school experience.
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