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Prince and Monty Python
The camera beneath the coveralls
Editorial, by Stew Slater

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Sunday, August, 10, 2014 - 12:12:55 AM
Downtown mural taking shape "I was wondering if the Markle mural was saved, or if it was painted over? I miss it."
Comment by Rod Demerling
Friday, August, 08, 2014 - 2:02:09 AM
Buchanan adds name to list of election candidates "Seems to be taking a long time moderating,sounds fishy to me. Did someone call to complain about the power of the press!!"
Comment by dereksrealbrother
Wednesday, August, 06, 2014 - 10:10:45 PM
Bluewater to appeal Goshen wind turbine project "Time to step up, South Huron Council and communicate with Bluewater Council about how to best assist with BOTH appeals."
Comment by DW
Celebrating Canada
On Tuesday, in communities across the nation — including this one — Canadians everywhere took the time to celebrate Canada Day.
OMB - democracy or bureaucracy at work?
Critics of the Ontario Municipal Board have long decried the quasi-judicial tribunal, which hears appeals related to municipal planning decisions, as a threat to our democracy. And those same individuals would surely point to two current instances in Stratford as examples of bureaucracy run amok.
To dream big
You watch them totter into the auditorium in their new shoes and formal clothes, not a hair out of place and looking lovely enough to be on a Hollywood red carpet.
Garbage woes in Woolwich
This week's council chambers were filled with Woolwich Township residents, rightly upset at the reduction of services at Woolwich's transfer station here in Elmira.
A tenuous mandate
What happened?
A tenuous mandate
Slater photo
Baseball Hall of Fame: Now we're listening
Editorial, by Stew Slater
A tenuous mandate
A quick look at the provincial election results, as seen on a map of Ontario, leads to several conclusions.
A time to mourn
Last week Canadians paid their final respects to three fallen RCMP officers. Constables David Ross, Douglas James Larche and Fabrice Georges Gevaudan were killed in Moncton, New Brunswick, trying to protect a residential neighbourhood from an armed man.
Cooper site inactivity worrisome
Last week’s Stratford Heritage meeting proved what a colossal mess the Cooper site situation has become.
Two Ontarios
Election shows we live in two Ontarios
Exercising our rights
Breaking the cycle
The very week that Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged an additional $3.5 billion for improving the health of women and children around the world, a pregnant Pakistani woman was brutally murdered by her relatives for marrying a man not of their choosing.
Attack ads have gone too far
It is difficult to get through a political election without getting a bad taste in your mouth.
A complete downtown St. Marys overhaul is being discussed
Editorial, by Stew Slater
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