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Completely okay with wind turbines

Letter to the Editor,

Today I’m writing in regarding the whole hoop-la in the past year or so regarding wind turbines. Wind turbines are a fantastic, green source of energy. They are one of the most efficient ways of converting energy. What I don’t understand is, why everyone has it out for them. Take a drive through almost any rural town and you will see signs reading “Get rid of the wind turbines!” or “We don’t want wind turbines!” This drives me insane.

People want and need energy, but don’t want any of the things needed to make it. Where do you think it’s coming from? Appearing out of thin air? Most peoples’ arguments are that they make lots of noise and that they are ugly. Traffic makes more noise than the wind turbines, but I don’t hear anyone complaining about that! Plus, if you think turbines are ugly, how about a giant nuclear or coal power plant in front of your house. Turbines don’t seem ugly now, now do they?

I do understand the one argument that high-polluting US companies are building them up here and keep polluting down south, but if they are made by other, reliable companies, I am completely okay with wind turbines.


Davis Schenk
(Davis Schenk of RR 1, Mount Forest submitted the above letter to the editor as part of his Civics class at Wellington Heights Secondary School.)

3 Responses to “Completely okay with wind turbines”

  1. sam6302 says:

    They are a visual nuisance

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  2. Valewood says:

    Davis, there is a lot you clearly don’t know about wind turbines.
    1) They are not a fantastic source of green energy. Just because something is labelled green, does not necessarily make it so. Vestas (the wind turbine manufacturer) in an internal report, advised that one ton of hazardous and toxic waste is created with the production of each turbine blade. Where do you think that ONE TON of toxic waste goes?
    2) They are not an efficient way of creating energy. In fact, they are one of the least efficient with most turbines only operating at 20 to 28% capacity. They only work when the wind blows and they must have a conventional power source (like gas or nuclear) on standby, fired up and ready to go when the wind doesn’t blow.
    3) People who don’t want wind turbines near their homes have very valid reasons for feeling that way and unless you live near one, you will NEVER understand. Thousands and thousands of people around the world are getting sick….not so much from the noise that you can hear from the turbines but from the infrasonic waves that they create, which causes all sorts of health problems. As well. someone who has looked at their home as an investment can expect to lose as much as 40% of it’s value due to being in close proximity to a wind turbines.
    4) Your argument about having a nuclear plant in your backyard is nonsense. One nuclear plant can provide enough power for millions of homes from one location. Wind turbines take up valuable farmland and are currently scarring Ontario for miles and miles and miles, as far as the eye can see, but only provide enough power for a few thousand homes.
    5) Coal plants aren’t necessary in Ontario and neither are wind turbines. They’re both a superfluous energy source. Wind however, is by far one of the most expensive energy sources (according to Forbes they require TEN times the material to create 1MW of power than any other energy source) and should be done away with before any further damage is done to this once beautiful province.

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  3. butcher99 says:

    Remember how noisy and inefficient he first automobiles were? Remember how slow the first computers were? Remember how fast you thought your first 1200 baud modem was? Why do you think that solar and wind energy should start out as these super efficient power producing machines with no need to advance as the technology improves. Should we have waited to introduce the Internet until everyone had fibre to the home and gigabyte speeds? No, we start with the first commercially feasible, even if it requires government support, generation and work on from there.
    It does not matter how much energy a nuclear plant produces as they are now to expensive to build and, the power they produce can never pay for the costs to build them.
    Technology advances and in 10 or 20 years you will realize how silly you are to oppose wind turbines and solar energy. No they are not perfect, but I doubt you will be pulling your old 1200 baud modem out any time soon either.

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