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The Book Shelf - Aug. 21
Dear Barbara: Back to School Apprehensions
Dear Barbara, I know a lot of other parents are really excited at this time of year as everyone prepares to get ready for school in a few weeks. Our little boy is going into grade seven and seems really worked up about it. I know many kids may not be looking forward to going back in the fall but I think our son is more worried than he should be.

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Sunday, August, 10, 2014 - 12:12:55 AM
Downtown mural taking shape "I was wondering if the Markle mural was saved, or if it was painted over? I miss it."
Comment by Rod Demerling
Friday, August, 08, 2014 - 2:02:09 AM
Buchanan adds name to list of election candidates "Seems to be taking a long time moderating,sounds fishy to me. Did someone call to complain about the power of the press!!"
Comment by dereksrealbrother
Wednesday, August, 06, 2014 - 10:10:45 PM
Bluewater to appeal Goshen wind turbine project "Time to step up, South Huron Council and communicate with Bluewater Council about how to best assist with BOTH appeals."
Comment by DW
By Kelsey Dunbar
Doodles by Dunbar
Check out the latest Doodle by Kelsey Dunbar.
A frightening familiarity with toddler's ordeal
Dishing It Out, by Andrea Macko
Junior Kindergarten introduction gets letter-writer going
Looking Back, by Muriel Sheldon
Courtesy St. Marys Museum
Andy Hoe rejuvenated the Citizen's Band
Historic St. Marys, by Mary Smith
Courtesy St. Marys Museum
Stone cottage became well-shaded from view
Historic St. Marys, by Mary Smith
Granton voyagers return home amidst words of war
Looking Back, by Muriel Sheldon
Karaoke and golf: 'I may have potential'
Dishing It Out, by Andrea Macko
The Book Shelf - Aug. 14
Shelf Life – Aug. 14
Column: Holding on to our true friends
when you fall in love you lose two of your close friends
Memories from Wingham on Maitland
The original manuscript of Wingham on Maitland, written by Leon Cantelon as a Canadian Centennial project in 1967, is archived at the North Huron Museum. Cantelon dedicated his project “to our brave and hardy pioneer forefathers, our brave soldier boys who fought for us in two world wars and all our good citizens.”
Summery musings and things dreams are made of
As someone who enjoys winter, and watching snow fly — and please don’t send me hate mail for mentioning the ‘w’ and ‘s’ words, after the winter we had — I find myself quite enjoying this summer.
Giving perspective to First World food concerns
Dishing It Out, by Andrea Macko
Old Argus and Journal clippings as cornerstone uncovered
Looking Back, by Muriel Sheldon
Courtesy St. Marys Museum
Where soldiers said their goodbyes
Historic St. Marys, by Mary Smith
Cargill Homecoming – in a word, WOW!
McThoughts; John McPhee
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