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Article on Darfur contained big errors

I enjoy reading your paper, but when I saw the article entitled "Central students rallying against genocide in Darfur" in the April 6 edition I was amazed at the errors contained therein.

First it is indicated that Shannon Garden-Smith said that "most people didn't know that Darfur was a country." In fact, Darfur is not a country, but is a western province or state of Sudan. But even worse, the Interact Club seems to believe that Darfur is part of Rwanda, since that is where they intend to send a letter of protest.

I'm sure government officials in Rwanda would have a good laugh before putting the letter in their circular file. To have any effect such a letter should go to government officials in Khartoum in Sudan. Since that government is implicated in the genocide there would probably be little result. In any case, the members of the club would seem to need at least one more class in geography. I also wonder that this major error wasn't caught before the story was printed.

Douglas R. Turner


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