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A secret deal

Is Prime Minister Harper selling out Canada bit by bit with the Canada-China FIPA? Are you aware that in a short time Harper could approve the Chinese national oil company’s $15 billion takeover of Nexen, a Canadian oil company, and pass a sweeping Canada-China trade deal allowing Chinese companies to overturn Canadian laws in secret courts.

This will open the flood gates to a wave of foreign buyouts of Canada’s natural resources. Arbitrators unaccountable to the Canadian public would have the power to award billions in damages to foreign corporations if our laws take away from corporate profits. This has already happened under NAFTA.

Canadians deserve a thorough, transparent, and public review of this sell out of our natural resources to the highest bidder. Join us by contacting your MP and neighbouring MPs and ask that Canadians have input into any trade deals that are unfair, negotiated in secret, and/or that would contain negative conditions relating to human rights, the environment , labour rights etc.

Mary Straus, Secretary, Retired Workers Chapter 1325, CAW, Walton

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