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A dream come true
Kyle Wilton deserves a great deal of credit.
Party poopers can go soak their heads
Dishing It Out, by Andrea Macko

Did you participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challange?

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Thursday, August, 28, 2014 - 12:12:31 AM
Bad money managing "If Stratford got the 100 million for Festival Hydro, I believe that would eliminate their debt, or very close to it, if they wanted to pay if off. This alone, would stop them from having to pay to service that debt, perhaps saving as much per year as"
Comment by rfuhr
Wednesday, August, 27, 2014 - 10:10:49 PM
Bed cuts being challenged ""The bed realignment, said Williams, will only affect unoccupied beds and result in no service reductions." If there are unoccupied beds, well, lets just say, that's news to me, and I'm sure lots of others. Maybe the hospitals are asking patients to "
Comment by rfuhr
Sunday, August, 10, 2014 - 12:12:55 AM
Downtown mural taking shape "I was wondering if the Markle mural was saved, or if it was painted over? I miss it."
Comment by Rod Demerling
Hundreds gather hoping to sign up for First World War
Looking Back, by Muriel Sheldon
Courtesy St. Marys Museum
Vanished streetscape circa 1920
Historic St. Marys, by Mary Smith
The Book Shelf - Aug. 28
From Howick’s past
Township and county history books provide a wealth of information about the past and preserve memories of ancestors and pioneering families for future generations. The Lines of Howick is no exception.
No room for piracy
To paraphrase Abraham Maslow, when your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
Are you up to the challenge?
I’m sure many of you have heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by now. It is all over the Internet and the news with videos of celebrities, politicians and people you know willingly dumping ice and water over their heads.
Thank you for support
No buses in core
Bad money managing
Mayor Mathieson and councilors Mark and Clifford are all directors of the Festival Hydro board and are paid $4,200 per year. If Festival Hydro was sold, their board positions would no longer exist and each of them would lose that income.
Be a donor
If you ask Ed Speers, being an organ donor just makes sense.
The Book Shelf - Aug. 21
Dear Barbara: Back to School Apprehensions
Dear Barbara, I know a lot of other parents are really excited at this time of year as everyone prepares to get ready for school in a few weeks. Our little boy is going into grade seven and seems really worked up about it. I know many kids may not be looking forward to going back in the fall but I think our son is more worried than he should be.
By Kelsey Dunbar
Doodles by Dunbar
Check out the latest Doodle by Kelsey Dunbar.
No thanks
Please. No Bieber Blvd.
Too many dogs
As a lifetime resident of Perth County, and a dog owner and former breeder of German shepherd dogs, Mr. Zelek is completely justified in reasoning that the excessive number of dogs in his neighbourhood creates a nuisance.
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