Excessive snow plowing and sanding
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Excessive snow plowing and sanding

Mount Forest Confederate

Dear Editor:

In an era when most complaints from citizens about snow removal on municipal streets concern lack of timely snow removal, it seems the opposite is the situation in Mount Forest. I live on a quiet crescent in Mount Forest where adults and children can walk on the road without traffic endangering them. I have resided in eight different communities over the years with populations ranging in size from 3500 to 150,000 people but I have never witnessed the zest for snow removal that occurs in Mount Forest.

Since my family and I moved here in April 2000, Reeves Construction has been doing a very effective job of snow removal at approximately 5 a.m., which consists of four passes with a large front end loader equipped with a snow plow blade.

The last two passes usually involve ripping up some lawn that borders the road. This is more prevalent in mild weather when the ground is not frozen.

I have learned to cope with this problem by erecting stakes along the edge of my lawn that are painted orange for improved visibility. I copied this action from some other residents who reside on our crescent.

Recently my main complaint has been that after I have blown snow from my driveway and five other senior citizen’s driveways, the town snowplow has to come along and reply the streets, filling the driveways in a second time. In my opinion, this is totally unnecessary as we have no excessive traffic to cause cards to skid on any possible slippery or snow covered spots.

This occurred again during the snowstorm on Feb. 8. I blew and shoveled snow from our driveway and did my usual good deed for my neighbour’s driveways. This particular morning was a necessity as my wife had a dental problem. The snow continued and we received approximately another four inches, which did not cause any hazards for the odd car and truck o the street. The contract snowplow from Reeves Construction made the second pass for the day at approximately 3:30 p.m., filling in the driveways and raking more snow off the sides. To make the job even more vexing, the plow operator dumped a scoop of snow on a front lawn of one of my neighbours. My wife had to make another urged visit to her dentist and I barely made it through the new snow plow drift at the end of our driveway.

Reducing this snow removal to at least once a day can save a lot of taxpayer’s money. I know that some of the residents of the City of Stratford are lucky if they have a visit from a snow plow once every two or three days.

There is also an excessive amount of sand and salt dumped on the lightly travelled residential streets. It need only be applied the intersections, thus saving more of the taxpayer’s money. I hate to think what all the salt does to the environment as some of the storm sewers run into the Saugeen River. And, there is the expense of sweeping up the dusty sand in the spring. The clean up crew is not as prompt as the snowplow operators as we usually have to put up with about three weeks of dust being blown off the streets by the wind and the odd car before the contract sweeper arrives.

An irate taxpayer,

Bill Kreps

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