Looking for true success
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Looking for true success

Exeter Times-Advocate

Get Real, by Casey Cyr

I’ve often shared with you that it is beneficial to use the most frustrating times to build character in yourself.

For example, I’ve talked about waiting in line at a drive-thru window and having to wait extra-long at the same time you are barely going to make it to work. These are moments we can either frown upon or allow to build patience in us. Something that I’m beginning to learn is that having character in your life is what real success is.

If I base my success on being famous, how many people like me, what my career is or how much money I make it wouldn’t be long before one of those things would either be taken away or I’d get bored of it and want to try something else.

Also, if the above situations were the only way one would be deemed “successful,” that leaves the rest of the population in despair. Therefore, it cannot be so. I really believe that something like success is able to be achieved no matter who you are or where you are from.

I find that a person with qualities such as integrity, loyalty, love, joy, self-control, kindness and peace is really someone to look up to. These people make an impact in their sphere of influence whether it’s large scale or simply in the comfort of their own home. To be honest, if a person really has these traits it is because they’ve been through tough situations and decided to let it make them stronger rather than bring them down. Truthfully you can’t pretend to have character when push comes to shove.

Sure, it’s not an easy road to travel down, but the satisfaction and success it brings is truly worth more than gold and silver and we all have the ability to walk in it.

Whether you’re three or 93, character is always something that can be improved upon. Hard times come for us all and I believe these times are to shape us and mould us into the people we were created to be. But the interesting part is that it’s all our own choice. We can chase after success the way society tells us to through being liked by a whole bunch of people or for our accomplishments and come up short, or we can really find true success by gritting our teeth and allowing the troubles that come our way to shape our inner lives to make us stronger.

The question is, do you actually want to be successful? The choice is yours every day.

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