Learning to trust
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Learning to trust

Exeter Times-Advocate

By Casey Cyr, Get Real

We all know that worrying doesn’t help a situation more than beating our heads against a wall does to find an answer to a question, but how many of us still worry?

I find that the more I don’t know in a given circumstance the more my mind races to try to find all the possible outcomes in an attempt to keep a sense of “control."

However, most of the time this adds a massive amount of stress and can even make us physically ill depending on how long it lasts. Is it really worth it?

I’ve heard it said that worrying doesn’t add anything to your life, so why do we do it? Sure that seems easy to say, but during a problem it may not come so easy.

All that worry seems to take away our peace and joy so we can’t make confident decisions. I’ve found in my own life that one way to combat this nasty little joy-sucker is to trust. When we can bring ourselves to trust that something good will come out of a bad situation, it can bring a sense of peace to our minds and help us to think straight again to make a wise decision. Trusting is like going out on a limb and believing that it will not snap the further you venture out there. It is risky, but is worth it.

There was an incident in my first year of university when I distinctly remember learning to trust. It was February and I was just about to head home for reading week but didn’t have a place to live the next year. A couple of girls from my residence floor asked me if I wanted to move in with them but something didn’t sit right about it. I also knew a girl that lived on another wing of my residence hall, but she already had five others living with her and the house was filled up so all my options were exhausted. For some odd reason I decided that if I’m supposed to be in Guelph the next year, everything would work out. It took a conscious effort not to worry about it and to leave it alone.

Sure enough, a couple of hours later, after I decided I wasn’t going to let it stress me out, the girl I knew from the other wing came to my door and let me know there was a space for me in her house because one of the girls backed out and was going to live on campus. I was pleasantly surprised and knew this was the right choice. The six of us lived together for the next three years.

Sometimes it can be difficult to leave worrying out of the mix of our decision-making, but once you know, it is so worth the peace that you feel in your heart and mind when you choose to trust. This year, let’s make it a habit to leave worry behind and let trust be our secure foundation for making great decisions. We won’t regret it.

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