Response to Editorial
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Response to Editorial

Mount Forest Confederate

re: “The truth about trash” by Bran Milne, the Mayor of Southgate Township (The Confederate, Dec. 26)

Mayor Milne laments that Southgate has been portrayed as a community that “doesn’t have a plan for waste management;” however, in reality, when Township citizens asked at a Council meeting, “What are the benefits for this township? What are the negatives for the township? Have you sought a third party’s assessment on this?” the answers to these questions were in the negative If Council had shared the truth we wouldn’t be where are today.

During the last Township election, when Brian Milne was a candidate for Mayor, he talked about the need for more transparency in the Council, yet he and the Council continually refused to share information with the public concerning their future plans.

Where were the “thousands of dollars in capital and operating costs” saved in Council’s three-cart collection plan? The Southgate Council Budget doesn’t show that thousands of dollars have been saved by this plan.

It is my understanding that Ontario Hydro wouldn’t approve a hook-up for electrical generation of the waste incineration plant; so that was the reason why the plan for waste incineration was dropped by the Council.

He’s correct in stating that that the community said “no” to the mega landfill and to waste incineration—the community pointed out the flaws in both systems which had been uncovered in our research—this due diligence was not done by Council—but by community citizens.

I support recycling, but I fail to see how this system of so-called “recycling” has anything to do with “Progressive minds” or with the toxic waste park being developed in Dundalk. This has nothing to do with sustainability. It has nothing to do with Township waste: it has to do with our Township being a dumping ground for Toronto and other cities of Ontario who won’t take the initiative to take care of their own waste. If it is such a lucrative and safe business for the future, why isn’t Toronto asking these companies to take care of their waste?

There will be little royalty paid to Southgate for repair of roads or for the development of the toxic waste park. There will be an embarrassingly small amount of money that will be paid per truckload to the Township. How will this bring “economic stability” to our Township? How does this “work” for our Township? These questions have never been answered.

Is it progressive to add lead, mercury, cadmium, and pharmaceuticals to our community, land and, ultimately, our water? We, as a society, have worked for years in taking lead out of paint and petroleum products used in cars and children’s toys, and now we are going to add these metals back into the food chain via our farm land and into the water aquifers?

Doyle Prier

RR 2, Dundalk

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