A night at the movies
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A night at the movies

Exeter Times-Advocate

By Casey Cyr

I really do enjoy a good movie. I love the character development, the thrill, the action, the story.

I am particularly fond of super hero, drama, fantasy and adventure movies, and if they are all combined into one it is extraordinary!

Trying to discover the meaning of hidden secrets or figuring out the plot of a good movie is more than exhilarating to me. I enter into how the characters are feeling and want to help solve their issues even though the movie is not real. It even stirs me up when there is conflict but makes me so delighted when there’s a happy ending. Still, depending on the type of movie, for me it becomes too much to bear as the characters experience the pain of their circumstances.

I definitely don’t like war movies, kidnapping stories, massive amounts of gory violence, horror or really anything where the ending is unpredictable.

What movies do you enjoy watching? Would you love to sit down with a bowl of popcorn to an action film? A documentary or story based on real life events? Perhaps you enjoy romance or comedy? What about animated films with witty tag lines? I certainly do love a good movie with characters I can relate to and an impacting ending.

Movies can be such a wonderful thing. The ideas that people come up with are sensational and it is exciting to see what will turn up next. When a new movie comes out I’ll ask people who have seen it the questions you should not ask, like “Does the main character die? How does it end?”

Because they know me full well they have no problem letting me know what happens. I really appreciate that because I don’t really like major twists to any story without a good ending. When a movie is unpredictable I have to wait until someone I know watches it and then they let me know whether I’d like it or not. This is just how it works in my world.

To sum it up, I really like a good story whether it’s on the screen or behind the scenes in my life. I'm sure you can relate. There truly is nothing like snuggling up in a comfy blanket with a bucket of popcorn, your family or friends and pressing play.

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