Learn from your past
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Dec 28, 2012  |  Vote 0    0

Learn from your past

Exeter Times-Advocate

Casey Cyr, Get Real

2013 has a bit of a ring to it, don’t you think? It’s definitely a number we may want to get used to.

New Year’s Eve is coming and it’s something we can’t run away from. I look at the closing of one year as a time to reflect on what happened in the past. What challenges did I face? What successes did I see? What positive changes do I see from what I went through? What are some things that still need tweaking?

I’m a firm believer that how you end one year is how you start another and it takes some serious contemplating to figure out exactly what that statement means for you. Most people do not take the time to count inventory of what happened over the past year let alone decide to build on it for the new one that is starring them in the face.

Some people are only able to sum up the previous year as good or bad but can’t quite figure out the details of why. It becomes a blur of mixed emotions and a plethora of high and lows. But I’d say it’s time to dig a little deeper. Most of the time evaluating a situation or circumstance can help you come out on top even if it seemed like there was no good in it at all. As you begin to take a closer look out pops the silver lining that wasn’t visible with just a glance. I’ve heard it said many times, and experienced it myself, that there is good in every bad situation.

Let’s not be afraid to see it.

Other people look at Jan. 1 as a brand new start no matter where they were the day before. Once that calendar flips, it’s a whole new ball game and they have a chance to hit a home run.

This sounds really great, and is encouraging, but be careful. Just forgoing the last 365 days of your life is not healthy. If you wash over the previous year like nothing happened it could actually cause a large amount of regret.

For example, if something negative happened and a person wasn’t willing to face it but instead just pretended it didn’t happen, the emotions and pains from that situation would show up somewhere in their future life. Emotions have a way of bottling up inside us and unless we try and deal with them, they will explode all over the place unto the ones we care about the most. This is pretty important. So though it is fantastic to let go of the past, first take a look and learn from it, then pick up and move on.

As the New Year approaches, remember the benefits of going over your past year and launch forward. Knowing your successes and learning from your mistakes will actually bridge the gap from your past to your future. I wish you the best transition into 2013 from the bottom of my heart!

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