Does a fond heart cancel out all the extra chores?
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Does a fond heart cancel out all the extra chores?

Walkerton Herald-Times

Absence, they say, makes the heart grow fonder. It sure does, but it also makes the one left at home pretty tired.

If, in an over-worked, over-tired moment of complaining, I ever asked my husband just what he does around the house, I take it back.

These past couple of weeks he’s been away working, and I have been left to hold down the fort. At first I was thinking, “ah, good. I’ll have lots of time to myself to do whatever I want”, forgetting of course, that there are chores to be done, and only me to do them.

Turns out, that guy does a lot to keep our house and cars going. I sometimes poke fun and joke that supper makes itself, or that the groceries magically appear in the cupboard, all the while, he is probably thinking “and the walkway never needs to be shoveled, the dog doesn’t need to go out for walks, the garbage takes itself out, and the woodstove burns all night long with no human intervention.”

This past week has been a revelation for me I guess. It’s like I have a full time job when I come home from my full time job.

I was happy to see him when he came home for a brief day-and-a-half on Sunday afternoon – firstly because I missed him, but secondly because I was tired of taking the dog out every hour. For that short amount of time we could take turns.

While I’m flustered with the busyness of this past week, with a dog and two cats, I wonder how my mother-in-law did this same thing with four boys and a farm while my father-in-law was working away from home. Apparently, there are more hours in her day. I’ve said it before; she must be some sort of Superwoman. (That kind of comment always gets my column hung up on their fridge!)

I really shouldn’t complain. While I am here at work in a warm office with a good supply of hot drinks, as busy as it can get sometimes, I’m not pulling cable through cold muck on a night shift seven hours away from home.

Yeah, he’s a good boy. I’m very grateful to him for what he’s doing, and it will make our Christmas holidays together all the more sweet. Or I might just get used to doing things my way and I’ll be longing for these days again... but I doubt it. As fond as my heart is in Greg’s absence, all these extra chores are tiring me out.

Not only do I like having him around, I need him. That walkway isn’t going to shovel itself!

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