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Wingham officer assaulted

A Wingham woman faces charges of resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer with a weapon, causing a disturbance and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, following an incident Jan. 5.

Police in Wingham were called to a Minnie St. address regarding an unwanted person. Apparently the woman left the residence when the occupant told her police had been called. However, she returned while police were still at the scene and began yelling at both the officer and occupant. Police told her to leave or face trespassing charges, but she continued yelling and walking toward the residence. Police were in the process of arresting her when she assaulted the officer with what they describe as a weapon similar to brass knuckles. She was held in custody pending a bail hearing. The officer was treated at Wingham and District Hospital for minor injuries and released.

In an unrelated incident Jan. 4, Wingham police were called to a Patrick St. residence where a domestic dispute was in progress. An argument had escalated to the point where it’s alleged the man pushed the woman. A 47-year-old Wingham man is charged with assault.

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