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Ginseng greenhouses to be built

Ginseng production is coming to West Grey.Green EnCoTech Co. plans to construct greenhouses on property it has just purchased from West Grey, across from the municipal office on Highway 4 west of Durham, Mayor Kevin Eccles announced at last week's council meeting.The company paid $286,000 for the 37 acres on which to build greenhouses for hydroponically grown ginseng production. President CEO Harry Chung and Brian Chung, senior director, product management, were at the meeting."Korean Ginseng has a well established reputation as a premium quality ginseng worldwide… while the root is the main crop, the leaves are ready to eat and have a strong market appeal," a media release says. "Field grown ginseng requires for to six years for a single crop and also requires a rest period of up to 10 years. By comparison, hydroponically grown ginseng production is non-stop that produces at least 10 times the volume per acre."An estimated 200 new jobs will be created in the next three years to support the business, Mayor Eccles said."The company, the municipality and myself are truly excited about the positive possibilities of this proposed development in West Grey," Mayor Eccles said. "The job s are certainly welcomed but maybe even more so is the spin off employment this could have on our community."Ginseng is in high demand and disturbed as a commercial crop worldwide.Construction is expected to start this fall or winter with ginseng production beginning about a year after the green houses are built."EnCoTech Co. Ltd., and the ginseng greenhouses, are a welcome addition to West Grey's business community as a new agricultural crop will be introduced to our municipality," the West Grey press release said. "It is hoped that in the future new retail business ventures will be attracted to West Grey which will in turn help the economy for West Grey."

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