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Council considers public question period

TOWN OF MINTO — At a recent meeting, Town of Minto council members continued to examine changes to council meeting’s structure in order to allow more discussion.

CAO/clerk Bill White brought forward amendments to the procedural bylaw, which must take place to make the proposed changes to the agenda format, for council’s review on Jan. 24.

White said nothing was being passed that night, but it gets discussion going on what changes will take place.

The amendments may see that once the meeting has been called to order, a resolution can take place moving council into committee of the whole to consider public meetings, delegations, public question period, correspondence, reports and other business.

The proposed public question period would be a new component to this council.

White said that in his 25 years in this field, other council agendas always had a public question period in the agenda.

“I think it’s good for transparency,” he said. “You just have to make sure you get a question, not a delegation disguised as a question.”

As such, White’s report included some guidelines, including:

• A limit of two questions per person.

• Repeated questions are not permitted.

• Responses may be deferred or provided at a subsequent meeting if necessary.

“I always wanted to have a question period,” said Mayor George Bridge. “It opens up council to people who might want to [ask questions].”…please read more in this weeks Minto Express

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