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city hall
City says story of dance stabbing fabricated

The City of Stratford was quick to refute a rumour that someone was stabbed during a Grade 7-8 teen dance at the Kiwanis Centre Friday evening.

In a statement released to local media Tuesday, manager of recreation Brad Hernden said no such incident occurred.

“While it is unfortunate that the fabricated story has created unnecessary anxiety and fear, our community teen dance environments remain highly supervised, safe and follow a zero-tolerance policy to eliminate any undesirable conduct,” he added.

Hernden said it is the city’s policy that police and the family of any offending participant are contacted immediately after any incident, and that the city supports the idea of “responsibly-operated community dances.”

The city operates youth and teen dances within city facilities by partnering with local community groups to assist in their fundraising efforts. Participating groups provide volunteers the evening of a dance and work with city staff to carry out the event in safe and socially responsible manner, he added.

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