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A man of many talents

At 143 Josephine Street, Wingham, you will find the small business of Frosty Queen, popular amongst local teens during their lunch hour.

Inside you may find the owner, John Frieburger, taking your order. He’s owned Frosty Queen since 1994, and says he loves his job, but that it comes with plenty of stress. He also said that people need a hobby to help them relax, and the scenic photographs of nature and wildlife hanging on the walls of his restaurant hint at what Frieburger’s hobby may be.

Frieburger bought a camera five years ago, but only started to take the craft of photography seriously in the last two. With the help of a friend and shooting partner, he learned the many features of his camera and carried it with him to many locations in the local area, capturing what he could, honing his skills. Now this hobby of his is a weekend affair.

Frieburger has always loved nature and, as he put it, photography not only allowed him to experience the outdoors, but bring it home with him. He enjoys the peace and quiet of it, often sitting in a spot for hours, waiting patiently for forest animals to show themselves. He prepares with the foresight of a hunter, washing in scentless soaps, and carrying his equipment in a plastic tub to his shooting locations.

Some days he gets the shots he was after. On others, he passes the time with a few shots of the scenery around him. He said it didn’t really matter to him, as long as the shot looked good. He also credits digital photography for allowing him to take as many shots as he would like….please read more in this weeks Wingham Advance Times

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