Scrooge Lives
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Scrooge Lives

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Not All There by Ann Hepburn

The Salvation Army is the largest non-government direct provider of social services in Canada. They help over one million people each year - in Canada alone, as well as serving 2.7 million meals each year. They distribute 7.5 million pounds of food and 140 000 toys to families in need each Christmas.

Well maybe not this Christmas. Over the past two years 2 million dollars in food, toys and other items have gone missing from the Salvation Army’s warehouse in Toronto. This is the equivalent of a whole years donations, just gone. On top of this $250 000 in funds have gone missing from the food distribution center.

It seems that the donations of money, food, toys and other personal items have been removed from the facility. Employees that witnessed this removal were told that the items were being taken to another facility for distribution. No one is actually sure where the much needed donations actually ended up, well, a couple people know...

This act of theft, or fraud, or Scroogery is just the worst to me. Not only did these people violate the trust of their employer (biting the hand that feeds you), they lied to co workers (transferring to another facility), but took food and toys from the poorest families and children.

While these people were sitting in their heated offices, in a comfy chair using a computer to perform their daily tasks, having just got out of their warm beds, in their warm houses, filled with breakfast and likely a $5 take out coffee, anticipating the pot roast for dinner and their pay cheque on Friday; some little cherub faced child will have nothing for Christmas. No toys, no food, no treats, maybe no house or heat.

No child can be blamed for the poverty of a family.

What possibly could have been so important in the lives of these men that they needed to steal from the neediest people in the country? What makes them feel more worthy than a family struggling to keep there heads above water? No they don’t have extra money for Christmas gifts. No they do not have all the goodies that some have. But the families that receive the help of the Salvation Army are thankful for the help. Humble, hopeful, relieved, encouraged, and happy. Maybe one of these families will have a Mom or Dad that are looking for work, and could fill your chair...

The head of the Food Centre has been fired as well as David Rennie, the Manager of the Toronto warehouse. Don’t ask for any help this year gentlemen, you got your share.

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