Just put it in the trunk
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Just put it in the trunk

Arthur Enterprise News

Not All There by Ann Hepburn

“It’s official, I’m a mother” says the text from my son’s girlfriend Sammy. Take it easy – it is just a school project! Sam is in parenting class this semester and has the “baby” for the weekend. She has been so looking forward to her turn!

The “baby” is the size of a real baby. It cries, needs fed and changed. It however is not very cuddly! Rather too plastic I think. It has the features of a baby, and the little fingers. A pretty neat tool really.

Last night 10 pm, my son’s car comes screaming into the driveway, both he and Sam jump out and dive into the backseat. Emerging with the car seat, diaper bag and screaming baby. Rushing to the house, stressed, near tears saying “it’s not working” over and over.

Sam plops down on the floor and very carefully lifts the baby from its restraints and cradles it to her chest, rocking and trying to get it to settle. It seems the electronic device that lets the baby know you are near is not sending and will not sync with the doll, so it is just crying and crying. I take the baby and try to comfort Sammy, that it will be OK.

I walk to a different room to give her a few minutes, and she calms and comes back to see if the baby needs changed or fed. Sammy was amazing! Like any good parent she got overwhelmed, regained her cool and went right back to caring for her charge. She was so amazing, did what she should have done even under pressure! I am so proud of her.

We called the teacher, at 11pm, to get some advice on how to reset the electronics. The doll cannot be turned off, and had to be taken to the school to get reprogrammed and synced up with the device. So for the night the baby was just going to scream and there was nothing that could be done. The teacher suggested to put it in a closet for the night and get it reset and restart in the morning.

We decided that as Sam did not have a closet it would spend the night in the trunk of Travis’ car. They bundled it up, secured it in the car seat, and ever so gently put it in the trunk. Sammy did so with great reluctance. We assured her that it was OK, that it was a do over, and that we knew that she would never do that for real.

Trav took her home after that, and everyone survived the night. Me, always helpful like I am, wrote “help me” in the snow on the trunk of his car this morning!! Which I am sure he brushed away before seeing the stressed “Mom”!

I think the experiment worked out perfect even if the baby was not working. As any Mom knows it is never easy, and never to a script, and you can’t just toss them in the trunk to get reprogrammed! You did great Sammy!

Until next time, remember be yourself because everyone else is taken!

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