Squeaky Wheel needs less grease
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Squeaky Wheel needs less grease

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Not All There - Ann Hepburn

According to Statistics Canada the average family in Ontario makes $71,540 per year, with two adults working full time. If the average person gets two weeks of unpaid vacation, and assuming both people are paid the same then each one would make $35770, before taxes of course. If they both work 40 hour weeks, then they would gross $715.40 per week.

I personally think this is generous, but then again, what do I know! However as it is Stats Can, then we will assume that millions of our tax dollars have gone into the accurate calculation of these figures...

The average teacher in Ontario makes $75 000 per year. They work 9 months of the year, meaning that they make $2083.00 per week.

Before I go on, let me say this – I would not want to be a teacher. A teacher must have education, they must retrain and learn constantly to stay on top of developments and curriculum. That part is a given, the patience, that is why I am not a teacher. I would last about an hour, no likely not that long! I give kudos to teachers. Everyone has a favourite teacher, someone who touched their lives in such a way that they will never be forgotten. What they do is essential. Their value to our society is immeasurable, however I think things have gotten out of hand...

Lets go back to the figures just for a minute...

Average Joe works 40 hours a week, for 50 weeks of the year. This means he works 2000 hours in the average year, divide the average pay $71540 by those 2000 hours, he gets $35.77 per hour – again I say generous...

Teacher Joe works 30 hours a week, for 36 weeks of the year. This means he works 1080 hours in the average year, divide the average pay $75000 by those 1080 hours, he gets $69 per hour! Now I say VERY generous.

Teachers want planning time, pay for extracurricular activities, mentoring, well.... seems to me like they are already getting paid for this... What would happen if they worked 7 hour days 50 weeks a year? They would make $42.86 an hour. Still darn decent!

Maybe if the average classroom showed less movies, and teacher spent more time teaching, parents would be happier. Maybe if the Ontario standardized testing results were off the charts, people would be happier. Maybe 25,000 students would not have failed their Grade Ten literacy test in Ontario last year...

Maybe teachers, who profess to love what they do, and do it to help one student, for the greater good and all that, should stop, crunch some numbers and realize just how good they have it. Sit down and do some planning and marking over their coffee and keep quiet. Seems the squeaky wheel gets the grease, maybe this wheel needs less grease...

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