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Photo By Kelsey Dunbar
Another bucket dumped for ALS
MPP Ted Arnott kicked the bucket — the ALS ice
Photo By Francis Baker
Fergus Fall Fair crowns new ambassador
Courtney Rogerson is the new Fergus Fall Fair Ambassador.
Walk, run, ride for the cure in Centre Wellington’s Terry Fox Run
Almost half of all Canadians, 41 per cent of females
Photo By Kelsey Dunbar
Bales of Fergus Fall Fair excitement
Tractors, tailgates and bales, oh my! This combination can
By Kelsey Dunbar
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Wednesday, September, 10, 2014 - 5:05:56 PM
Another bucket dumped for ALS "Congratulations on accepting the challenge Ted!"
Comment by DanZister
Saturday, September, 06, 2014 - 5:05:44 PM
Bygone era of local school decisions "As a student I went from a four room community public school to a regional school with multiple rooms for each grade to a regional hight school with 14 grade 9's. at each step I felt more disconnected from the learning process. Indifferent teachers t"
Comment by CrustyMusty
Thursday, August, 28, 2014 - 12:12:31 AM
Bad money managing "If Stratford got the 100 million for Festival Hydro, I believe that would eliminate their debt, or very close to it, if they wanted to pay if off. This alone, would stop them from having to pay to service that debt, perhaps saving as much per year as"
Comment by rfuhr
Photos by Francis Baker
Two seeking Fall Fair title Sunday
Two people are vying for the title of Fergus Fall Fair Ambassador this Sunday night.
Taste Real (RGB) tagline
Delicious and Farmalicious
Photo submitted
Golfers unite for champion twirler
Earning a hole-in-one in golf is an extraordinary feat, and so is earning the chance to compete in a world championship. This fall, these two rare events will come together for little Elsie Post.
Season over for the CW Tykes
On Sunday July 27 the Tyke Mohawks travelled to Orangeville to play the Northmen. Fraser Clark scored two goals, and Griffin Mackie scored one in the first for a 3-1 lead. Nicholas Leader, Brinley Wilson, Joe Columbus, Mackie and Clark all scored and were able to just beat the Northmen with an 8-7 score.
What's On
Photo by Leah Gerber
Riverfest 2014
Check out the photos from the event.
Celebrate the local harvest on Rural Romp 
TasteReal invites the community to come out on Saturday, Sept. 28 for the 7th Annual Fall Wellington Rural Romp.
By Kelsey Dunbar
Doodles by Dunbar
Check out the latest Doodle by Kelsey Dunbar.
Dear Barbara: Back to School Apprehensions
Dear Barbara, I know a lot of other parents are really excited at this time of year as everyone prepares to get ready for school in a few weeks. Our little boy is going into grade seven and seems really worked up about it. I know many kids may not be looking forward to going back in the fall but I think our son is more worried than he should be.
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