Interesting attempt to calm fears
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Interesting attempt to calm fears

Mount Forest Confederate

Letter to the Editor,

Although The Confederate didn’t report it until July 25, the June 19 field trip of the Southgate Public Advisory Committee (PAC) to the St. Marys wastewater treatment facility was an interesting attempt to calm the fears of some Southgate citizens.

Now, following the scientific method begun by PAC, more and better research needs to be conducted by other citizens’ committees to see if the same conclusions are in order. Perhaps members of the Southgate Public Interest Research Group might be prevailed upon to use their talents.  (After all, their middle name IS “research.”)

If SPIRG committee members, following the same (or even better) scientific methods as the PAC, were to use more than their noses and arrive at the same conclusions as the PAC, a lot of our troubles would be over and whatever chemicals and poop flushed down the toilets of the GTA could begin to flow to the lucky residents of Dundalk.

However, even if SPIRG did accept the job, the rigorous demands of science still might not be met.

Required: more visits from another group of citizens – an ad hoc committee (or several.) This group (all volunteers) would be required to make unannounced visits of course, not at all like those of the spin doctors of the PAC. A serious job like this would meet the demands of the scientific method -- similar to those conducted by inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency whose work has established a true precedent in Southgate. (Incidentally, whatever the results, I would be particularly interested if subsequent committees could locate the undisclosed “field near Drayton” reported by The Confederate where a “cover crop of peas and barley had been established and the Lystek material was being injected into the soil.” When might this “injected” crop travel through the food chain and arrive at arrive at Foodland or No Frills?)

Anyway, it is clear that more can still be accomplished.

In the meantime, one could hardly praise the Southgate Advisory Committee for being impartial (or scientific).  It was formed by Lystek International and it features Glen Irwin, Southgate Township councillor who should not be on this committee. The 2012 St Marys’ Field Trip was a start, but the questionable usefulness and credibility of the PAC are creating a smell all its own. Time to let more qualified experts continue the job.

Bill Smart


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