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Province fighting local poverty with new $300k initiative

Before the province can effectively combat poverty, it must first have a clearer picture and better understanding of the problem, particularly in areas of the province like ours where urban meets rural.

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Pedestrian crossing recommended for budget consideration

The issue of pedestrian crossings in the downtown has been the subject of various reports over the years, one of which, in 2003, already identified the two locations in question as candidates for controlled crossings based on volume of pedestrian traffic

Brock Gleadall wins City golf title again

Zorgdrager claims the ‘Triple Crown’

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Mulcair eyeing victory in Perth-Wellington

For the third time in a month, federal New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair visited the riding of Perth-Wellington, dropping into Revel Caffe on Wednesday, Aug. 26

Born to recuperate from an unexplained injury

Dishing It Out, by Andrea Macko

Courtesy St. Marys Museum

New dam made boating popular

Historic St. Marys, by Mary Smith

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Cyclist taken to hospital after collision

Line 33 remains closed to traffic between Romeo Street and Road 110

New ‘Skate’ program comes to Skating Club for 2015-16

Registration nights Sept. 15, 17, 22 and 24 at the Allman Arena

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Test Drive, Hospital Foundation fundraisers coming to Water Street

Councillor expresses concern about closing off municipally-owned parking lot for events

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