Spring Cleaning – Part 1
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Spring Cleaning – Part 1

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Well here we are in mid-February and I do believe we have had the odd glimpse of spring, so I guess it’s coming to that time of year when your thoughts turn to spring cleaning……don’t they?


With the price of cleaning supplies going up in leaps and bounds, and with us having a septic I have looked into more natural based cleaners and ideas.  This week I am going to feature lemons and what they can be used for.


  1. Mix up a tough solution of lemon juice and tap water, and your stove, countertops and appliances will be shining like new. Pour a quarter of a cup of lemon juice in a spray bottle, then fill it up with tap water. Shake it a few times to mix the solution, then use it to remove stubborn grease.
  2. Remove tarnish from copper and brass, mix up a quarter cup of table salt and just enough lemon juice to make a paste. Then, apply a coating of this onto any tarnished copper or brass pots, pans and other items you may have. Leave the lemon juice/salt paste set for five to ten minutes. Next, wash the item in warm tap water and then rinse it well. Use a soft, clean cloth to buff it dry. If any tarnish remains, repeat the process again.
  3. Clean a microwave oven by adding four tablespoons of lemon juice to one cup water in a microwave-safe, four-cup bowl. Boil for five minutes in the microwave, allowing the steam to condense on the inside walls of the oven. Then wipe clean.
  4. Mix 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1 ¼ cup lemon juice and 12 cups water to create your own eco-friendly bleach.
  5. To clean grout around tiles, apply lemon juice and water with a toothbrush and scrub.
  6. To clean glass shower doors, apply lemon juice with a sponge. Dry with newspapers for a sparkling shine
  7. To make your own furniture polish that is much better for the wood than what you can buy, prepare enough for a single preparation (make fresh each time you use it.) Mix the juice of one lemon, one teaspoon olive oil and a teaspoon of water. Apply a thin coat to furniture and buff to a deep shine.
  8. Make your own all-purpose cleaning solution. Combine lemon juice, vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
  9. To clean drains, mix hot lemon juice and baking soda to clean out and freshen drains. Safe for septic systems.
  10. Lemon juice can dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits
  11. After washing glassware rinse them in water that has a few lemon skins in it. The acid from the lemons will make the glasses sparkle.


**Please be aware I have not tried every one of these tips personally, so please use at your own risk.** 


For more of what I have been up too, please pop by my blog: That British Woman

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